Friday, June 3, 2011

Our government wants to cut funding for the National Endowment For The Arts. It will be increasing the military budget. America needs to be natural born killers with no knowledge of what is artistic. This is our future goal to create natural born killers without any sensitivity for what is artistic. So, increase the military budget and help to create our very own heartless dictator to be promoted for our children to become.
I guess the government is right in cutting funding for the Arts. Who are we kidding, is anyone sipping fine wine listening to a Symphony right now? No, America is high and watching The Jersey Shore on TV. Lets stop kidding ourselves, we don’t listen to Opera unless it is for free in a park somewhere and it includes fireworks. It is 2011, the culture wars are over and culture lost.
When Americans think Beethoven they don’t think the composer of The Song of Joy from the 9th Symphony they think of the dog movie. Providing funding for some people’s taste and not for others is elitist. Funding for two gay buff guys bodies in motion doing modern dance should get the same funding as two gay buff guys bodies doing wrestling. Why does the government get to decide whose taste in Art is better? Or forget the Arts completely and buy bigger guns? Better yet, get the gay buff guys off the stage , out of wrestling and out of the closet and declare their queerness on the front lines and have them all shot down, we have a lot of money budgeted for the military.
Our culture is already so advanced that no culturally advanced artist could have thought of something so needed in our society as truck nuts. Those giant chrome nuts dangling from a red necks bumper is what America needs to see as Art representing our countries contribution to cultural advancement. And, it costs the taxpayer nothing. Democrats and Republicans are now fighting over what gets funded and what gets cut. The Democrats are going to have to cut from their well known causes like the Arts. Republicans are also going to have to make cuts in their budgets as well, like how about cuts to tax breaks for millionaires.
The National Endowment for the Arts gets .00004% of the budget. The Republicans think Arts funding is huge. They think Public Television, Channel 13 gets 4% which would be 180 Billion dollars. The actual cost for all the Arts programs in America is 430 million. We do not spend billions of dollars on Sesame Street or on real streets in America. The National Endowment for the Arts actually costs each taxpayer 24 cents each year. Not even enough money to pay for a pack of gum.
So, let the Republicans think the budget for the National Endowment for the Arts is huge. We can then use it as a bargaining tool for the Environmental Protection Agency. And then at the end of negotiations, cave like the Democrats always do, and cut funding to both. So, be prepared to see truck nuts dangling from the black smoked truck in front of you waiting in a pot hole watching The Jersey Shore on your car TV. Viva American Culture.

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