Thursday, June 2, 2011

The American government has become a private entity of do whatever we want and pay me first attitude. I thought all those elected officials were supposed to be the servants of the tax paying people. Instead they are very rich pompous independently minded frauds of the interests of the people. Just last year the government called 16 Million documents “Top Secret” That is 16 Million documents the American people cannot have access to. Why? Is this the reason they were so mad at Wiki Leaks? They should have been angrier at all their mistakes like not finding any weapons of mass destruction.
The Freedom of Information act is just a front to stall people ,and do not let the tax paying people have access to our documents. Recently, because of the government’s inability to balance its books, threatened Americans with a government shutdown. Just exactly who is getting shut down? Anything you might want or need. Nothing would be shut down for the fat Cat officials of government. They still get paid under the guise of “essential.”
The military, national defense, government officials are considered “essential” not social security or any benefit for the elderly or poor. So, the government ethic is pay me first F--k the elderly let them die and we won’t have to pay them any social security let the poor children go hungry, cut the food stamp program but government officials get paid first, THEY are essential.
The Tea Party originally had good intentions until they whacked out by not supporting unions or job security. They originally grew out of distain of both the Republican and Democratic parties who don’t give a damn about America. They put their parties first, and their political ambitions first. Their special interest corporate donors come first. The American people are about 4th in line. This is why we have to stop voting for the guys that belong to these big parties. They spend the last 2 years of their elected term campaigning again. Obama is already at it again. Hey! Wait! What about finishing all the crap you promised us the last time!?
Americans are tired. When I tell you not to vote for either party, you say “ F--K IT, I’m NOT GETTING MY BUT OUT THERE AT ALL, I WON’T VOTE AT ALL” Instead of those million dollar annoying commercials and paper fliers sent to our homes at election time, PAY ME, then I’ll cave in and give you filthy frauds in fancy suits my vote! If I can do all my banking, business and taxes on line, then why can’t I vote on line too. Everything else is supposed to be secure. No, the government won’t spend a dime to even make voting for us easier.
We need an option on the voting ballot that says, NONE OF THE ABOVE that we could check off and start all over with someone that hasn’t been bought off and has a large campaign chest of money. Put Johnny Depp in a pirate suit in Washington with all the ass holes there and have a battle. I’ll watch that at $12 a ticket.
The Supreme Court has been reduces to the ultimate group of ass holes dropped into this life time job by party elected Princes. The ruling that they made recently that corporations can contribute an unlimited amount of funds to a candidate is bull shit! Just put the oil company pimp as Governor of an oil pumping region and let him pollute. Oh! We did that already, and now the Louisiana Coastline is worthless to the American people. The Supreme Court essentially said that wealthy corporations have the same rights as people. NOT ! We are being railroaded by big money again. Individuals have a limit on how much money they can contribute to a campaign but not corporations who have unlimited access to a candidate and can fluff them as often as they want. WoW
We have become a Fascist nation. Fascism is when corporations and religion take over your government. The Supreme Court should not tell me that a corporation has the same rights as people as individuals. HOW CAN WE STOP THIS? We can’t vote for the Supreme Court members. The Democrats and Republicans vote for them. Stop the life time tenure for this group. That dangerous group are running the country with their decisions that the majority of people can’t change.
Let’s follow Mexico’s lead. No, not have drugs everywhere. Their politics give the president only one 6 year term. Do the same for senate and congress positions as well. Then the bastards can’t run again. The jerks we have in our government buildings are like roaches that never leave. They get pensions for life and government health care, the best plans in the world. They criticize Obama Health Care for all. Well, let’s see these parasites get rid of their plan first by example. Won’t happen. They’re fat government cats.
There is a major effort to make the United States like any other third world country to where all you have is rich and poor. It used to be the American Dream to try to better yourself. Why is this happening? So the rich can get richer. The very wealthy now control a greater disproportionate amount of the wealth than ever before. The president has named the CEO of General Electric as his jobs czar at the same time that his company makes 14 billion in profits and pays no taxes. The system that has elected officials that are controlled by multinational corporations allows the corporations to make more money and not pass anything onto the middle class individual.
For the last forty years the presidents and control of congress has passed back and forth between the democrats and republicans but virtually every treasury secretary has come from Goldman Sacs, one large investment bank. So who did the treasury seek to protect during the financial crisis, you got it, the large corporate multinational Wall Street financial institutions and their leaders. No CEO of a major Wall Street financial institution gave up his salary so working class people would not loose money in their 401k plan or pension

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