Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Once the sexiest girl on TV was Barbara Eden. Her TV name was Jeanie and I would dream about her. She was young and beautiful. A story about a bottle that held a Jeanie. Not the giant men in a Disney movie like Aladdin but a kind sexy beautiful blond who wore a low cut top and low cut pants and called the dopy guy that opened the bottle Master. This was every 8 year old boy’s fantasy to have a beautiful genie to grant your every wish with a blink of the eye and call you Master. I didn’t really know it was fiction, I still believed in Santa Claus too at the time.
Barbara Eden was the star of the 1960’s TV series, “I Dream of Jeannie” and now after 50 years she wrote her book called “Jeannie Out Of The Bottle” which is a memoir talking about the highs and low points of her life and the surprising revelations contained in the book. The show represents classic TV. In the book she talks about her co-star Larry Hagman who played the soldier who finds her bottle and spends most of every show trying to hide her from everyone.
The show went on air in 1965 and lasted five seasons. In her book she discloses that Larry was drunk most of the time and would get violent when he did not get approval for script changes. At one point there was discussions to replace him mid season. She recalls that he never got along with the director. She looks great now and he has had major organs replaced and looks horrible.
While Eden respected Hagman she says his off camera theatrics grew exhausting. She also discloses in the book that her stand in was also the stand in for Marilyn Monroe. She sang and got hit on by Tom Jones while they were both married. Desi Arnez also hit on her but everyone knew he was a womanizer meanwhile Lucy was gracious and friendly. Also, once as a senator, JFK slipped her his phone number. She could have had an interesting sex life but did not have extra-marital sex with anyone.
She reveals some sad very personal events in her life. Her son Matthew died of a drug overdose at 35 years old. She also carried a baby for 8 months to find out it was dead in her womb. Went into a deep depression that took years to recover from. We love to see our old TV fantasies reveal themselves because they were very much a big part of our lives growing up.

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