Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where did all the real American protestors go? I’m not talking about those Tea Party folks that don’t believe in pensions or unions. Where did the peace protestors and people who do not believe that rising prices are real economics just greed for large corporations. Like the oil companies big profits and banks with too many fees and all these senseless wars. No one is protesting. Are we afraid? Did 9-11 numb everyone or are we too tired just to get through our busy day with no money in our pockets at the end of our long day at work?
Charlie Sheen just ended his pity tour because he won’t be making millions on his show any more. Why should we pay tickets for a nonsense catch phrase waste of time just to give him 7 more million for a shitty tour? Where are the protestors? Yeah, finally we booed him off the stage but he got your ticket money. Protest! The only one winning with this guy is the girl he gets pregnant. She will get plenty of money in child support. He doesn’t mind paying for more kids taken away from his crazy eyes.
We all paid our taxes and God willing got a refund that wasn’t immediately taken away to pay for some other bill already. General Electric yes GE did not have to pay ANY taxes. America’s largest corporation employs 979 people just to work on their taxes. This corporation paid no taxes on 14 BILLION IN PROFIT! Where are the protestors?
I guess the American ethic is “I already got your money, screw you.” We wish we could be on the side that is able to say “screw you!”
All the companies in America are being allowed to charge us sudden unjustified fees. Fees that did not exist months ago. Even a basic debt card from a bank demands we use it 10 times a month or else, more fees. Where are the protestors? They passed a law saying the credit card companies can’t charge you more fees. It’s too late! They already locked in the past fees that won’t go away! The banks just made billions in overdraft fees. Yeah! They just did you a favor by paying your credit card payments and charged you more than them in overdraft fees that lined the banks pockets. America does not have any money for more fees. We can’t even remember what purchases the fees were for. All the crap we bought is already broken because it is all cheaply made junk from other countries!
Maybe you lost your job in a recession . A recession caused by already rich people who put out faulty loans and then took to big to fail pity money from Obama. These companies already fired you under the false pretense that they weren’t making any money, took your house and locked you into high payments as if you still had a job to make payments from. They already got you locked in and got more money from the government You got nothing. Where are the protestors?
The richest 1% of people hoard an obscene amount of the wealth of this country. The average amount of the people have to save up to take their son out for dinner for his birthday with a coupon from some chain restaurant that promises the birthday boy a free meal. Yes, we can’t even afford to go out for dinner anymore. Where are the protestors? Americans are saving their money and spending it on the richest 1% in fees, not on their children!
The wealthy are banging the porn stars and you are getting the crabs. Hopefully at Red Lobster not the other kind~!

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