Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Basketball Championships were an unusual experience this year. The Dallas Mavericks won this year which wasn’t expected since the most famous basketball player since Michael Jordan was playing on the opposing team, the Miami Heat; the famous Lebron James. Also, an unusual experience because the Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, covered the cost of the victory parade in Dallas who happened to be strapped for cash. He paid for his own town parade.
City finances are tight in the most famous town in Texas even if money was needed to pay for the celebration of the franchise’s first-ever National Basketball Association championship. The extra police, fan barricades and port-a-potties that lined the parade route all came courtesy of team owner Mark Cuban.
Mr. Cuban, a billionaire entrepreneur, volunteered to write a check for the parade that was expected to total between $500 and $1 million. He said it was the right thing to do at a time when Dallas is $32 million short of what it needs to meet budget. An unusual treat that definitely sets the tone for the future.
Cities with professional sports teams have traditionally paraded after they won championship trophies, be it the NBA finals, the baseball World Series, football’s Super Bowl or hockey’s Stanley Cup. Heat Since the costs aren’t usually accounted for when municipal budgets are passed, cities often scramble to come up with a way to cover expenses.
The week’s event came together quickly because Mr. Cuban announced immediately after The Mavericks beat the Miami Heat that he would foot the bill. Mr. Cuban covered every aspect of the parade including extra-rapid transit runs that brought fans downtown. He should be happy that the American fans are civilized unlike the Vancouver fans that rioted in the streets following the Canuck’s Stanley Cup loss.
When the Canadians loose at their beloved sport of Hockey, watch out, somebody will be injured and soon! Canadians were always known to be the kinder, gentler neighbors of America. NOT! The spasm of violence and rioting in one night left more than 100 people injured, at least one critically injured and wrecked havoc in the center of one of North America’s most affluent cities. Do we really need to celebrate or not celebrate in full force?
Shortly after Vancouver’s National Hockey League team, the Canucks, lost to the Boston Bruins in the final game of the Stanley Cup championship, rioters clashed with police, smashed windows, set overturned cars on fire and looted a department store. Guys! Women don’t do these things. It reminds me of wars which is just an excuse for men to go into towns and behave badly in the interest of “occupying” the area.
The Vancouver Police said 15 cars had eventually been set on fire, they arrested close to 100 people over a game? This was supposed to be an affluent town! There were a number of serious injuries, including stabbings, head injuries and fractures. No deaths were reported though at least one patient was in critical condition.
All this proves that America behaves better than Canada so there ! Come bash us! Hoodlums!

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