Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How stupid are New York’s kids. Or how inefficient are the educators of the New York School System? Something is wrong somewhere and I can’t believe that it is the kids faults. After all, kids are kids but the people that get good jobs in the school systems could be looked at a little bit longer and scrutinized more carefully.
Most of the problem lies in the special education title and industry that popped up out of nowhere in the 80’s. Before then, you either went to the next grade or you got left back. Now, if you are in kindergarten and look out the window to dream a bit, some special education screener drags you out of the class and finds a way to declare you a title documenting you as a “slow” learner. Well, maybe I felt like looking out the window instead of listening to Mrs. Crabby babble about some boring fictional book. And, don’t drag me out of class to do a stupid puzzle and then tell me I have to make up my regularly scheduled nap in class!
It is obvious that if the “educators” cannot find enough kids for a special education program, their jobs are not needed and they will be fired or sent somewhere else most likely to an inconvenient location. We will always find some kid that is considered slow in a subject area because no parent has any time to teach them anything. They are too busy trying to get as much money they possibly can earn to pay for stuff that is constantly going up in price.
Well, it is now documented that New York kids are getting stupider. Is stupider a word? As you can see, I am also a product of the New York City School System. Recently 5 gifted programs were scrapped after too few kids passed the test! Yes, unbelievably, I will repeat that five New York City school districts will not have gifted and talented programs for kindergartners next year because too few kids qualified, according to Department of Education officials.
Usually around 25 kids need to pass entrance exams to support a single gifted kindergarten class, but this year fewer than 25 qualified in each of three school districts in the South Bronx and Crotona Park. Two school districts in Bedford-Stuyvesant and East New York, Brooklyn, also failed to produce enough gifted students to fill a kindergarten class, officials said.
On the other end of the scale, 745 kids qualified for gifted kindergarten programs next year in District 2, which runs from lower Manhattan through parts of midtown and the upper east side. Does that mean more wealthy people also have smarter kids? They certainly can afford higher rents in these neighborhoods.
In total 4,000 kids in 27 districts around the city qualified for gifted and talented kindergarten programs next year. The numbers have risen but only in wealthy areas. Last year 3,544 incoming kindergartners qualified for gifted and talented classes. How talented can a kid be at 6 years old. Most kids haven’t tried to even do anything that requires skill and practice. Give them a break!!
Talent can only be measured through skill and practice. A kid needs to be exposed to a subject. Give them lessons in dance , music, sports or math and science. As they learn, their enthusiasm will determine if they are talented. What kid in Bed Sty could possibly be considered talented even if they are when daddy is in jail, mommy is on crack and they are being raised by grandma who will pass out soon from her diabetes because celery and carrots are very expensive but two Big Macs are on sale for $4.00. Bubba! Put down that book and cross the highway and get Nana 8 Big Macs!!!!!
As with this year, five districts didn’t produce enough qualified kindergartners last year. Well, maybe they didn’t pay attention because the 6 year old was tired because he or she doesn’t even have their own bed to sleep on at home. And don’t label anyone at such a young age. Maybe Grandma will win the lottery and we will move on up to the east side. Kids who live there pass the stinkin’ test!
Students who qualify for gifted programs but do not have one in their district can travel to outside districts for the classes. Great make that one smart kid from Bed Sty travel a few hours in the morning to get to school until they are Zombies too!!!
My third child is in advanced placement classes and she has to read a lot of books over her summer “vacation” to prepare for her fall classes. My son who is enrolled in average classes does not have a required reading list over the summer. He could really benefit from more reading. It reminds me of the car loan companies, if you have enough money in the bank then they will give you a loan. If you don’t have money, Walk! If you already don’t have a great support system at home, stay stupid! Thanks NYC Schools!

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