Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We have the photo that has been shown on every news media. No, not a picture of Bin Laden’s dead body. No, not one live hostage. No, not the testimony of one Navy Seal that took him down. Not even any discussion about the $25 million bounty for his death.
The photo is of the top American leaders in one room staring at something in fear, dismay and horror. You would think it was them who were praying in their hiding place about to be discovered, about to be cornered, about to be shot. That is the only real believable evidence that we have been given by the press and White House that makes this abduction and killing of a major Leader credible.
Now what? One thing for sure, each leader in that room has to be in heightened fear for their lives. I believe their expressions were a bit selfish in that they all said to themselves, Hey! I’m a prominent face in the American government, could that happen to me too? Only the crazy and emotionless can kill anyone. Those leaders in that room felt like they were pulling the trigger themselves.
The events of the act are continually unfolding. It all sounds like a Hollywood movie and movies are being produced but now they have a clear ending, hopefully. This part of the story begins with the discovery of a man whose job is to be Bin Laden’s courier or messenger since telephones and computer communication can be instantly traced. Have these guys heard of World War II and the use of birds, yes pigeons to send messages to hiding places? Or even Anne Frank who spent years hiding in walls and in attics? This guy was living in the largest house in the neighborhood and had visitors all the time.
Barbara Starr a CNN Pentagon Correspondent said that a few years ago , “the CIA tracked down Osama Bin Laden through one of his trusted couriers in Kuwait. They interrogated the detainees we had captured and they never said mush about this man. That led us to believe that he must be someone important if they were unwilling to discuss him. After 5 years of covert operations, they identified the name of the courier, and tracked him to the compound in Pakistan. There he was living with his brother in a million dollar compound. 18 foot tall walls, tons of security, questions of who he is seeing in a guarded house.
We were convinced that only Bin Laden would be worthy of such opulence. The courier is killed and Bin Laden’s brother is killed. The American public has not seen any photos of any of the people involved in any of this. An elite military team of navy seals completed this mission in just 38 minutes. It could have been an hour TV drama if they included commercials!
This was not a fair fight. The seals went in and killed everyone in sight immediately till they got to the women and children, spared their lives. One woman lunged at them, they shot her and the other wife that Bin Laden got as a gift at age 15 got shot in the leg. Then they shot him in the head. The public has seen one passport photo of the young wife who is completely covered in black garments and no photo has surfaced of a guy with half his head blown off!!
All the Navy Seals survived without a scratch! This story is better than any WWII movie with America’s most famous stars in it. We have to go back to the only photo we have of President Obama watching the raid unfold in the White House Situation Room. Yes, America has a room where we can watch us get revenge on anyone we want to.
In 38 minutes, these guys arrived in silence with silent helicopters, killed all the security guys on the ground, saved women and children, killed the Tyrant took 10 hard drives, 5 computers, and over 100 storage devices like DVDs and thumb drives full of information taken from the compound. SOOOOOOOO Hollywood.
The White House is currently considering releasing photos of Bin Laden’s Corpse. Sources say it is very disgusting. I sincerely hope this is not a fabricated hollywood version to boost Obama’s career. For all we know, the old man died from his kidney problems. is no longer any terrorist influence and all this is a made up story. We need more evidence than the photo of our leaders huddled in a room in horror! At least as a American we are on the side of the winners of this story. We killed Him.

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