Thursday, May 5, 2011

There is no doubt that the Navy Seals are the bravest but even the Roman Gladiators had the best swards. These guys had Stealth Helicopters that NO ONE has ever seen before. Ironically, the Pakistani children are playing with the classified fabric from the crashed helicopter and the large pieces are already being shipped by Pakistan to China because China wants to make their own sophisticated helicopter.
Yes, the American billions of dollars budget that makes the finest helicopters in the world are just letting it be captured and analyzed for free to other countries. It had proved it’s worth by completing the successful capture of Bin Laden. How could you not hear or see a helicopter? This thing of ours surprised the most sought out man in the past 10 years.
Another recent revelation is that our intelligence was able to cut out all electricity and cell phone power before the attack and restored power after the attack. The brave soldiers could not have completed their mission if it did not have this new helicopter. Why does China have this thing for investigation so soon after the attack? America maintains respect from all over the world because we always have the best vehicles, best guns, and best everything for the military.
Now we have to spend more billions to make something newer that China or anyone else doesn’t have yet. The Seals attempted to blow up the remains of the downed helicopter but apparently there were huge sections still in tact. This helicopter was never seen in public before this attack and had a radar disc on the side of it and emitted a vague sound that would actually sound like something was leaving the area and not approaching an area. It was covered in a heavily coated fabric to make it nearly invisible at night.
I am sure we will be seeing replicas of this thing being sold with toxic paint on it at dollar stores tomorrow. Young children are making the real thing in 24 hour shifts as we speak in China now. Russian businessmen will be selling it to the highest bidder by the weekend. Yes, commerce at work at our expense. But it is all worth it because America is all powerful in every way.
Our President is victorious because his approval ratings just soured from being very low just before the attack. Going into the last two years of his term in office, he is well into re-election mode and will visit ground zero tomorrow. Even the Republicans have suddenly shut up and say nothing negative about our President now. Probably in fear that any negativity would backfire into negative opinions about them. Obama will never be called wimpy or weak about his decision making.
The world is in fear of us for a moment. Unfortunately, President Bush declined the invitation to join President Obama at ground zero Thursday. Bush is completely out of the public view lately and has his self imposed exit from all politics. Perhaps because he realizes that the death of 3,000 people at ground zero is his ultimate fault.

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