Tuesday, May 3, 2011

America Killed Bin Laden! How great for Obama’s sinking approval ratings. Only one week ago most people felt that Obama can’t do a single thing right. The miss-use and throwing America’s tax paying money at corporations for the past two years like he was a man trying to please throwing money at strippers in a strip club. Then just last week with Donald Trump biting at his heels, he suddenly feels the need to produce his birth certificate. He really needs a boost. I know lets kill the guy we have been looking for ten years and they did; we hope.
One thing for sure, today he even has all the most critical Republicans thanking him; guys like Peter King, Tim Pawlenty, Cheney and Bush. The running tag line is that the last face that he saw was the face of a U.S. soldier. Is this all too coincidental? Where are the pictures of the dead body? Why does he get a proper burial according to the Muslim tradition when here we are 10 years later and many of the almost 3,000 people who died in the Twin Towers still have no evidential remains of their loved ones?
Why did Bush give safe travel out of the United States right after the towers went down to Bin Laden‘s relatives? Where are the dialysis machines he so much relied on to keep his blood flowing or kidney failure while he lived in this mansion for 5 years? Yes, I am a skeptic and believe that all this is happening at a important time for Obama’s career. All we see so far in the photo’s is a bloody bed and room. This was the third largest successful attack on U.S. soil.
I would believe all this if they dragged his bullet ridden head to the site of the Twin Towers now hole in the ground and let each and every American piss on his body. Now that is evidence and revenge for a heinous act on innocent hard working Americans. I am still very critical on the honesty of the American Government and their timed tragedies. Obama worked for the CIA during the Bush era and I believe he is still his bitch.
The oil industry and the refineries owned by the Bushes and Cheney’s are profiting in the billions of dollars every day. Obama took his great election “Change “ speeches internationally and now the young people of the Middle-East are “changing” their governments. Now they are poor with no “democratic like constitution” in place and the oil barons are profiting there again. Yes, Obama is Bushes bitch!
This is why it is very important that Obama gets re-elected. He has no competition so far with Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. It seems like the “Usual Suspects” none of which have a great chance of winning this time. They have run, they lose and they run again. Something is wrong with that picture. Trump comes out of no-where the bloated egomaniac that he is and looks like a self made hero with the birth certificate forced revelation. This week he gets roasted at the White House Correspondents Dinner with way too many jokes from Seth Meyers and from Obama himself. And now Obama pulled 4 Aces by killing Bin Laden. Yes, he has been President for 2 years now and it is time to do nothing but work on elections and fund raising dinners for the next 2 years because that is the American way!!
Trump started going even further questioning Obama’s grades in college that were a C level and how did Obama get into Harvard. It is very coincidental that Trumps show, the Celebrity Apprentice was interrupted and cut off to announce the Death. Obama’s news of Osama Bin Laden’s Death preempted Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” show and did not have his press conference on the Death for at least another half hour. All this is way too much drama for me in just one week-end.
No doubt, I am as happy as the next guy that the tyrant is dead but I am very skeptical of the powers that pull the strings in America today on the puppets that are presented to us. Jesse Ventura’s episodes of his Conspiracy Theory shows have mysteriously disappeared from our Tivos, the show is cancelled, National Public Radio is about to be pulled from the radio waves and there are still too many unanswered questions about the lack of security on 9-11. This death was done just at the right time in the political history in the past decade and we don’t have enough visual evidence of the abduction. Where are the pictures of his body being tossed into the sea of an aircraft carrier the same weekend of his death?
This is not a soap opera drama. Unfortunately, these are the only facts being presented to us. At the end of the day we still have to struggle to pay for gas in our cars and pay our bills. Just watch the news tomorrow for the next questionable drama day.

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