Friday, May 6, 2011

muslim rules

With all the killing still in the world, we need divine digital intervention. The middle-east over threw their leaders from communications on their e-mails and friend sites. Now, stay home and worship your God wherever you are; not where the pompous bloated self made religious leaders are collecting your donations for their opulence and vacations. There is a new way to “spread the word” of your religion. You are no longer limited to the hours listed on the door of your house of worship to be close to the readings of your faith. Your Church, Mosque or Synagogue can now be anywhere.
Faith has now entered the world of technology. You can Baptize someone in your bathtub by web-cams and scype from a Priest. Today the Bible is a App. Holy cites are streaming live video. Technology is reaching the next generation on their I-Pads and telephones. High technology now meets with the higher authority in our lives. Thanks to modern technology, spreading the word of your God can’t get any easier. So, grab your alter boy son away from that pedophile priest. Stop caving in to the constant financial requests of rich church leaders. Get an app whenever you need your God to save you.
You no longer have to go to Church to go to Church. It is now divine digital intervention at your fingertips. Pray naked in your home and reach your God. It is possible! There are Gregorian Chant ring tones. Weather it be Christian for your Bible or Jewish for your Torah, Muslim for your QuranMajeed or even Buddhist, it is on line and on the go. The Bible App is produced by LifeChurch.TV. It has been downloaded more than 18million times. For Muslims, there is a live streaming app that shows prayer from a Mosque in Saudi Arabia. There is even an official Facebook page from the Vatican.
There are features on line that can show you where the nearest Church or Synagogue is to you if you still need those cold drafty buildings that smell of candles and incense . There are also places on line where you can have confession and ask questions from a clergy member. So, go on line and tell someone you never met the details of your sins and then ask for forgiveness. You no longer have to go into a confessional and change your voice out of fear that he the priest will remember you by your sins. There is a confession app.
More and more people are now using their phone as their Bible. The way air-conditioning has stopped people from sitting on their front porches, their digital devices will keep people from corrupt religious leaders and they will get their God anytime of the day whenever they get their “Thank You God” or “God Help Me” moment. In a way, we can be more spiritual rather than just looking at another human wearing different cloths from us calling them our spiritual leader. Wait a few months, and find out that they were part of some un-ethical scandal. My God on my phone is simply the word of my God. It can evolve into a much healthier relationship. Like it or not, on line Religion is here to stay.

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