Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There is a new American Dream.  It has gone from a beautiful utopia to a nightmare.  The ways of our financial thinking and practices have got to change for our survival now. The greedy credit card companies and false promises of the mortgage companies have made most of the country either very rich or very poor. Few are middle class. Obama said change in his campaign speeches two years ago but no one knew that change meant loose your house, pay high fees on your credit cards and loose your job while he is giving billions to large corporations and third world countries.
The financial guru Suze Orman has a show on CNBC and is the author of a new book called The Money Class, learn to create your new American dream. Yes, even her who berates everyone who calls into her show like your meddling grandmother, is confirming that life sucks and we need to start all over with what is to be our future financially because we were swindled by all and our aspirations were too high.
The new American dream is one that you can attain and keep forever. The old American dream was bigger, better, more, more, more like spoiled brats that wanted multiple cars and multiple homes but couldn’t pay cash for any of it. The greedy credit companies approved everyone and then slapped us with large rates and changes in rules that demanded more and more cash for these unnecessary purchases that no one had.
The mortgage companies used to allow us to buy homes for no money down. Yes, it accelerated our net worth even though we did not pay much of the loan off and we were able to use it as collateral for another home. Her new rule is, “Live below your means but within your needs.” People are so burnt now, they do not or can not own property anymore. Now people are renting. Even if you have money, people do not want to put large amounts down on a property and have to owe a lot of money to a company.
People are so jaded now they surround themselves only with things that they own and cannot be taken away from them by a faceless corporate policy. This is the same mentality that existed in the 1930’s , 40’s and 1950’s before credit cards spoiled and took advantage of us with their late fees and high interest rates. People are now buying stuff with cash again in the form of their debit cards.
There used to be only fixed rate mortgages not the adjustable or negative amortization types that killed a lot of people that forced them to loose their homes. We used to have wallets that held about 30 credit or store cards, every where you shopped, the store would give you percentages off your purchase if you signed to get another card. Now, Suzie says you should only have two cards. A bank card used to be the safest not anymore.
The biggest thieves are Chase and Citi Bank. At a time when the consumer needs their help, they slap us in the face with an increase in fees on our credit card debt now up to 29.9%. They increased the minimum payment due from 2% to 5%. Balance transfer fees to 5% with no congressman following these companies or trying to halt fees. F U with your fees, I’ll go back to hiding my money in a mattress where you can’t charge me to save it.
Two things we need to do now is to know the basics. Know how much money is coming in and how much money is going out of your pocket. Then, live below your needs and live within your means. It means that YOU DON’T HAVE ANY MORE MONEY, STOP BUYING STUFF!”

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