Monday, May 9, 2011

Now what happens with our relationship with Pakistan. The government was protecting Bin Laden while accepting our monetary aid. The cultures and customs in the middle east are too different from the United States. How they treat women would be a crime in the western world. The Navy Seals were on a kill mission. Bin Laden was lined with explosives in his cloths and had two women in his bedroom one of which he used as a human shield and made sure that she would die. Not what a brave man would do.
There is talk that the now 50 million dollar ransom for the death of this man should be shared among the families of the 3,000 people who lost their life, source of income of their families and lost their family future. I say give it to the psycho navy trained killer seal who got the guy. The story of the events keep changing anyway especially the part of how that helicopter crashed. Some sources say it was shot down.
Some of the video of what was taken that night has been given to the press. This is just a old man looking at more youthful videos of himself. Why wasn’t an autopsy done on this guy and why don’t we see any medical dialysis equipment if he had kidney disease? It still doesn’t add up. We learn that for months the CIA had been spying on the home from satellite surveillance and from a safe house nearby. We know the Pakistani government is harboring him safely but yet we give them BILLIONS in aid. Get every American home out of Foreclosure and give that place nothing. Now the refuse our government to do further searches on the property. No wonder Bush is absent. Pakistan was his families friend.
A team of 25 Navy seals descended on the compound without the permission of the Pakistani government. One seal shot him twice once in the chest and once in the head. The seals took pictures of Bin Laden with parts of his skull blown away. No one has seen those pictures. We refuse to be seen as barbaric. The American government deleted there audio from the released video. No one should hear his messages ever again. Al Qaeda must be a little lost without the only leader it has ever known.
Why did we kill him? Because as a leader of a major terrorist organization, they created an event that will be remembered throughout history. Unfortunately they created a legacy or precedent for other terrorist organizations as a successful event. Other groups will always look to their successful treachery and look to top 9-11. However, we can say Obama crashed a helicopter. All our brave well trained navy seals got out of there without a scratch.
We found out the Bin Laden was living in 2 rooms. Didn’t have a phone or the internet. He did have 3 wives in there of which one of them said she never left his side. Women are incredible. Who would want to be locked up with your spouse for six years? Only a woman. I think she was the one he threw in front of him to take the bullet and died. He was sick of her anyway.
Now Obama has won the right to go gangsta. His campaign slogan will not be change anymore but I will f--k you up. Watch out Pakistan he is not finished. You’re next if you don’t let him into your country to investigate the crime. Not the murder but the crime that your country has committed by giving the most wanted terrorist of this century a safe haven and use our tax payers money to keep him safe. Don’t F with Obama. He is half black and looks like he is ALL black. When a black man shows up at any game or sport, he will probably win!
As Bill Mahr, the comic said, “You know you have a bad ass president when even his dogs have a grill.” The Navy Seals apparently have trained dogs that have titanium fangs planted in their jaws. One of these specially trained dogs were on this mission. They sniffed out the medicinal marijuana on the premises. Pakistan! Put the pot pipes down and cooperate with any investigation the United States wishes to conduct!

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