Sunday, May 8, 2011

Only women rappers could sing “If you like it ,you better put a ring on it!” and be successful too in the 80's. Hip- Hop was a man’s world with guys like Public Enemy, Run DMC and MC Hammer making all the money in the 1980’s. That is until the first female rap group of three girls dared to enter the arena of new music. Salt’N Pepa pushed those guys away a little bit with their first album in 1986 called Hot Cool and Vicious. They attracted men to their rap with songs like Push It. Push it real good. And , Lets Talk About Sex.
So, they hooked all the guys to listen to their rap with subjects like that but they really were all about girl power. Cheryl “salt” Wray , Sandra “Pepa” Denton and DJ “Spinderella” Deidre Roper were the first female rap group that went platinum. They released five albums and got a Grammy before they split in the year 2000. Four years ago they reunited for a reality show on VH1 called The Salt’N Pepa Show. Today they are back again and continue to tour.
This is the 25th Anniversary of the group. Deidre “Spinderella” joined the other girls at age 16 against her parents wishes. The other two Cheryl and Sandra met in college. They both worked for Sears handing out credit card applications out to customers. Ironically, Martin Lawrence and Kid N Play also worked there at the same time. I wish I could have been there to hear about those aspirations stories. Poor Sears! The crappy job at Sears gave them the desire and will to get out on the road and perform.
Martin Lawrence who originally came from Washington D.C. used to open for the girls concerts with a comedy act. These girls don’t talk about their baby daddies but they are proud of their careers and now tour regularly. Queen Latifah was a rapper before she became a movie star and was featured on a show called In Living Color that was notorious for live comedy sketches from the infamous Wayans' Brothers. Everyone thrives with a partner and all these girls had a pretty good career by hooking up with some funny guys. Who is your girl or funny guy. You need to be successful too.

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