Sunday, April 10, 2011

Who cares about their employees and never fires anyone. Ironically a company that doesn’t sell anything. Well, it sells empty boxes. Who can survive the recession without laying off any employees. It is possible and has been done. A lesson that many other employers should learn. It is a small chain of only 49 stores around the country but it is a favorite among employees and customers.
William (Kip) Tindell, the CEO and co-founder of The Container Store says, “We focus on the employee the most. Not only the customer, the employee. If you take better care of the employee they will take better care of the customer. And then, ironically the shareholder will be happy as well.” He believes by paying his people higher wages, roughly $45,000 a year for each clerk in the stores, and by offering health plans even for part-time employees, he can create a work environment of healthy and happy people.
The company is different in worker hiring and training from other companies. Each applicant for a job is subject to up to 9 interviews and only 3% of them are hired. Once on board they receive 260 hours of training. That is over 30 times the industry average. And, they go through this process to sell empty boxes!!
They are listed among one of the Fortune 100 best companies to work for. When the recession hit all companies, they did not lay off anyone. They cut benefits for a while. They did not contribute to their 401K retirement plans and some benefits were cut. Now profits are up and the 401K match program is in force. He is extremely critical of other companies, they give him votes. This year he received the National Retail Federation’s Gold Medal. The customers vote with their pocketbook. The employees are happy whether they are there for 15 years or 6 months.
Tindell calls it “conscience capitalism.” It is a successful profit strategy. The Money Issue listed the Best Places To Work: 1. SAS (Business Software)
2. Edward Jones
3. Wegmans Food Markets
4. Google
5. Nugget Ma
So, quit your stinkin job and try to work for these guys. At least the Container Store ironically doesn’t sell anything but boxes and has you happy doing it. He should be on world tours informing other companies how we can have everyone happy without corrupt unions and lying politicians who can’t even propose a fair budget to their communities.

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