Saturday, April 9, 2011

What should your beautiful smart daughter do? Be like Tyra Banks but have children too before you’re 35 years old. That is pretty much the only thing she hasn’t done yet. She has achieved much without the guidance of a father. Perhaps being raised by only her Mom has given her the drive to be involved in any task without only the hired guidance of professional business people and managers.
She is a model student who has enrolled in one of the best known business schools at $2,500 a day tuition. Where else would a former super model learn to manage her multi-million dollar empire. How about Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts. She has gone from the big fast track to success to now the softer quieter road to ivy school success. Does she walk the sidewalks of school like she walked the cat walk of fashion runways? We could only hope.
Tyra Banks has already fashioned a highly successful TV career. She was one of the most well known Victoria Secret models. She owns her own media company. A well known TV star talk show host. Her own reality judging show, America’s Top Model. We haven’t seen much of her this year because now she is a student. Most of us try to achieve success the other way first. Student then success story. I believe her way is the way most women should follow careers.
The media is so critical of women. They have the shelf life of about 10 years and then they literally try to stretch their good looks with surgery and Botox. Men can look like weathered lizards like journalist Bob Schaeffer and still keep his job. Women look great in their 20-30’s and give birth to the healthiest babies as well in their 20’s and 30’s. Yes I said it. So, don’t be like men. Don’t go to college first. By the time a woman achieves the distinction of doctor, lawyer or Indian chief, her good looks have faded and her eggs have dried up.! Now, back to Tyra.
Since last year she has been in school; enrolled in an elite business management program designed for the busiest and most successful entrepuneurs. Harvard is the Number 1 best business school in the world. She was a good enough high school student to be both accepted to U.S.C. and U.C.L.A. instead she chose the fashion runways of Paris. She chose to put college on hold to give her a year at super model stardom. Obviously, she was successful and in 2005 she decided to strut off the runway for good.
Her own reality show in 2003, America’s Top Model took off as well and gave her the courage to stay off the runway. In 2009 Forbes Magazine listed her as the highest paid woman in prime-time with an annual income of 30 million dollars. Soon she will launch her latest creation. Type F, a beauty and fashion advice website that could be another hot property in a growing media empire. She could hire lawyers, accountants and investment bankers but she is choosing to learn as much as she can to be hands on in her businesses.
Like Oprah, she might just be America’s next top mogul. Another woman who did not necessarily have any good men role models in her life either. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with their success stories but I can’t stop thinking that maybe that had something to do with it. They never had the opportunity to ask daddy to do stuff for them. They found their own strength and drive. Daddy didn’t drive them anywhere. He wasn’t there.

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