Monday, April 11, 2011

How to survive a Nuclear Bomb. The government has a new message for you in case of a nuclear disaster or bomb. Yes, new advice on the unthinkable. Why don’t we just get rid of all nuclear stuff and we won’t have to worry about survival?? Suppose the unthinkable happened, and terrorists struck New York or another big city with an atom bomb. What should people there do? The government has a surprising new message: Do not flee. Get inside any stable building and don’t come out till officials say it’s safe.
As we speak they are building new underground tunnels under the White house for some reason. We should all be taught to remember what happened after Hiroshima when a nuclear bomb was placed there. Americans aren’t even taught to remember that horrible day. It is rare that we even see photographs of people shortly after the blast converted to statues of ashes. When touched converted to a pile of ash. Or pictures of the survivors that had patches of flesh and muscle burned off revealing bone mass while alive. That has to be an unbelievable existence. In essence microwaving living things. Buildings last without any damage.
The new advice is based on recent scientific analyses showing that a nuclear attack is much more survivable if you immediately shield yourself from the lethal radiation that follows a blast, a simple tactic seen as saving hundreds of thousands of lives. Even staying in a car, the studies show, would reduce casualties by more than 50%; hunkering down in a basement would be better by far. This sounds as stupid as hiding under your desk in school during the Kennedy years as a safe solution to the political nonsense of the 1960’s. I just ran in the basement just in case. This wacky advice assumes we will know when some nutty leader will press the nuclear destruction button!
The problem for the Obama administration is how to spread the word without seeming alarmist about a subject that few politicians care to consider, let alone discuss. Well, maybe they should, especially if our fate lies in their hands! The new wave is citizen preparedness. For people who survive the initial blast, the main advice is to fight the impulse to run and instead seek shelter from lethal radioactivity. Even a few hours of protection can greatly increase survival rates. Dr. Irwin Redlener of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness says these new guidelines are not reaching the public.
Shouldn’t the emphasis be avoiding nuclear war and dangers? Most people don’t even know what happens! All people need to be educated. A nuclear blast produces a blinding flash, burning heat and crushing wind. The fireball and mushroom cloud carry radioactive particles upward, and the wind sends them near and far. If I am in the middle of that, I don’t think I am running away (wherever that may be) or seeking shelter. I’m probably in some action pose composed of ash!!
In 2007, Congress appropriated $5.5 million for studies on atomic disaster planning and were hoping to stage a live exercise in Las Vegas involving 10,000 emergency responders to star in the nation’s first live disaster to simulate a terrorist attack with an atomic bomb. Casinos and businesses protested, as did Senator Harry Reid of Nevada.. He told the federal authorities that it would scare away tourists. The Obama Administration has backed down and said all the money has been absorbed in “studies.” They did say, “no significant federal response” after an attack would be likely for one to three days. By then my ashy body will have blown away!!

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