Monday, April 25, 2011

Way before Lady Gaga showed up in eggs or wearing meat dresses, Alice Cooper was the creepy guy on stage with snakes. Every kid now plays Guitar Hero and knows every word to Alice’s School’s Out but few even know what he looks like. If you grew up with the rockers of the seventies you know all about him, so you think!!

He is now the newest member of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Yes, he is a guy called Alice. He named himself Alice because he expected that name to annoy every traditional family in America. Who has a boy named Alice? This was new and weird in 1967. The shock value worked. Alice Cooper is considered to be the original shock rocker. His stage shows include a guillotine, gallows and fake blood. His snake was even voted the number one prop of all time.
Being 63 years old, he still delivers a creepy show to his followers. He believes his longevity is because he quit drinking at 33 years old. Unlike his stage persona, he has been married to his high school girl for 35 years and claims to never having cheated on her. He has three children. He is in great shape and still is a distance runner and plays golf every day. Ironically, hew was born from a religions family. His dad was a pastor, and he is a Born Again Christian. His grand-father was a pastor and his wife’s father was a pastor as well.
Growing up in a church made him go as far away as possible. He became a drunk but quit. He once spent time in an asylum to help cure his addictions. His album From The Inside is a reflection of that time in his life. He understands Charlie Sheen in that he also was the most functioning alcoholic around. Like Charlie, he was high but never missed a performance and wanted to be crazy. Charlie showed up, new his lines, and then left to have a crazy personal life.
He believes that you can be clinically insane but do your job at the same time. Alice can be heard on a syndicated radio show in your area. Coopers radio show is called “Nights With Alice Cooper Radio Show.” and has been on for 8 years now. It is a combination of his stories based on experience as well as D-jaying songs. He also owns the Alice Cooperstown Restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. He admits when he sees old video of him on stage, he is afraid with the dripping black eyes. One of the favorites at the restaurant is a 2 foot long hot dog called The Big Unit named for pitcher Randy Johnson.
His real name is Vincent Damon Furnier a Frenchman. He represents all the hard rocker America has to offer. Ozzie stay in Britain we have Alice and we understand every word he says. In May his Old School 1964-1974 box set arrives.

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