Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The tax system has gone progressively worse each and every year since Regan. That is what the IRS workers say. Every year every American has to pay taxes and every year there is a debate over something. Even Obama got into the debate. He’s now a millionaire and he said,” We cannot afford one trillion dollars worth of tax cuts for every millionaire and billionaire in our society. We can’t afford it.” This is the same guy who gave billions to AIG and GM without any congressional hearings as to how they are to spend it, so the first thing they did was put it in the pockets of millionaires in the companies. Are we all stupid or just surrendering?
Our national debt is above 14 trillion dollars. One side wants to tax citizens even more the other side wants to raise the ceiling. Hey! Can I do that with my mortgage? Hell No. On thing both sides agree on is that the tax system is a mess and unfair. The employees of the IRS agree that it is a mess. Since 2001 Nina Olsen has been the IRS Advocate. She represents the voice of the taxpayer. The tax code is almost 70,000 pages long. Over her 10 year reign she has noticed that the tax code has gotten more complex.
She doesn’t make the rules, Congress tells the IRS what’s new. There have been 579 changes in the code just this past year alone! That is more than one change every day! She said that she can’t keep up and doesn’t know how individuals or businesses can figure it out either. Although, even 200 years ago people always complained that they pay too much in taxes and that they are too complicated.
Look at the Constitution! It is primarily a tax document that gives the Federal government a reason to tax. For nearly 100 years Congress didn’t capitalize on that reason for money until the Civil War. To fund that war they introduced the income tax. During World War II, they introduced money taken from not only the rich but from the middle class as well. It was called a change from a class tax to a mass tax.
For the last 30 years, money has been taken less from the rich each and every year. If you are a single person making $500 a week, you are paying more taxes than someone who makes a million dollars a day. The reason is the great divide between individual and corporate tax breaks. The lobbyists are out of control. GE alone spent $73,000 on each member of Congress to get them to give their company votes for tax breaks.
Some millionaires even signed a petition asking Obama to raise their taxes. The wealthy have huge access to the congressional legislatures. Joe Q Public would probably be arrested if he got too close to a congressman. Or the congressmen are calling the wealthy for large donations for their re-election campaigns. It is a racket that needs to be broken!!!
Nina noticed a large area of money that is not being taxed is the cash or small checks you write to the gardener or babysitter. That is a big tax loss. Will they tax me for breathing?
Taxes are the price we pay for civilization. But we should also be more aware of where our money is being spent and why some pay more tax than others. Congress has just become the whores who get paid for services rendered to big corporations. We need to clean house!

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