Sunday, April 24, 2011

Is it possible that we really are on the threshold of a new beginning? The signs are right before us. Recently the St. Louis airport had a tornado, mudslides, flooding, tsunamis is now a common word, many other tornadoes all over America. The earth is shaking and like the insignificant ants we are on earth, we need to know our spirituality and what is important in our lives.
We have to get over the feeling that the world is falling apart. Lately the News is so sad. We can only take the knowledge in short spurts. Few can leave on CNN or any news station on all day any longer. There is an avalanche of despair being reported everywhere. People are isolated with their gadgets but friend everyone, few really interact.
Looking at the state of the world, we are starting to believe that this is it. We are feeling the need to know who we are in a deeper way than ever before .It is challenging us with the weather, we are coming into an alignment. It is the first time in 26,000 years that a solar system is in direct alignment with the center of a galaxy, it brings with it a very profound electromagnetic frequency, vibration and gravitational pull. Therefore, our wacky weather. The third law of motion is physics. What you put out, you get back or for every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction.
On this Easter Season, the motion law is also the spiritual law we must all live by and the foundation for all religious belief. Do unto others as you wish them to do to you. In essence what you do to others is already coming back to you. So, be kind. At the end of the 26,000 years which is December 21, 2012, it is possible that we could be on the threshold of a new beginning. Perhaps these disasters are challenging us to be kind and to get our spirituality in order, The large greedy highly self paid CEO’s have not gotten past their greed yet leaving their faithful employees out of jobs and raising prices for no reason other than greed.
Even our humbled civil servant Obama, an elected official working for a $200,000 a year job has made close to $2 million since he entered office making PAID speaking engagements. Not a very humbled civil servant of the American people. He is profiting from the fame the voters gave him. We all need to hurry and choose what we are to be represented by; our kindness, greed or humility.
We don’t need Holy Wars, we don’t need a Gaza Strip to meddle over which religion has the right to live on what strip of land. When faced with destruction as in Haiti we do not need to rob and rape the women, as in Japan we do not need dangerous forms of energy. We need to meditate and be thankful for what we do have and how we can preserve this precious earth and every animal and living thing given to us at our birth.
We need to be spiritually healed. Focus on what is positive and on what you would like to have happen to you and perhaps it will happen to others too. We need spiritual education in our schools not Religious Education. If we were taught to respect each other and respect and care for the earth children would not be carrying guns in the Middle East. We wouldn’t fight so much. Face south where the native American Indians said the negative resides. Bring it up to your brand of prayer and fight it with good thoughts for everyone. Observe which direction your dogs sit when they are in protection mode. Chances are they are sitting to the south. Happy Whatever!

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