Saturday, April 2, 2011

Love doesn’t last a lifetime because there are too many people telling us how to do it. Divorce is rampart, marriage counselors are wealthy, lawyers are always in court and psychologists have no appointments available because all these bastards are telling us how to love!! In some cultures people are paired up at age 16, get married, stay married, have children early and learn to love each other through the years. Not anymore.
We even have people like “The Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger who is making a lot of money with her relationship advice. She specifically targets how you can marry a millionaire. It used to be if people were matched up it was because of geniality preserving royal blood lines or that good friendly families wanted to connect better. She is rich because there are enough people who could care less about love. They just want to get some of that money you are instantly entitled to with marriage: so, find someone that has a lot of money to begin with. Maybe, she’s right. But it is nothing to do with love.
Now she has revealed her “10 commandments of dating”. Is she Moses and God has etched these words of wisdom on her tablets on the mountain top? These advice guru’s are out of control but like all train wrecks we have to see it and get involved. She also has out a new DVD “Married in a Year” advertising “Your 12-Month Action Plan for finding Love”
One of her dating commandments are: “Let the man take the lead and let him pay.” she is giving “rules” for the first date and beyond. She suggests every 4th date the girl should pay the tab. The idea of giving back. Another rule: “return calls promptly” because there are more women than men. If you don’t like someone, ignore him or tell him you have a girlfriend for him, he’s not right for you. Is this a barter system? This woman is out of her mind!! But selling DVDs.
More rules: ”leave the past in the past” she says, its going to come out anyway. By the way, she is in a relationship for about ONE MONTH in her personal life. Great track record for the relationship guru. NOT You should let the new person know if you were an alcoholic or other issues you really can’t fall back into, any addictions. She says, “unless you are an Irish Catholic, you should not drink too much on dates” This nut is now going into negative ethnic stereotypes. I think I hate this bitch. The only reason I am writing about this junk is because she is making money from this blah, blah blah.
More. “men want to liquor us up because they know we can’t handle it” Does she hate men so much that she thinks men want to inebriate someone on purpose? Yet More: “be a good listener, focus on him” I would want someone to listen to me only if they were interested in what I am saying. Where is the honesty? She wants women to be total phony’s!!! She’s not done: “act like a lady” Should we assume you are all stank whores and you have to ACT like a lady? Now I’m getting nauseous!
“Do not be kind to men on a first date. Do not get naked until exclusivity.” I’m done with this bitch. It is very sad that the one thing that all of us is capable of doing, loving someone , has to be dictated by all these self proclaimed gurus. Leave love to our own hearts and feelings and do not dictate to us how to love. There are enough dictators at our jobs, politics, banks and everywhere else in our lives where we are totally controlled. Leave love to ourselves. We all need to be in control of our own feelings and hearts or we will not be able to be happy in any other aspect of our lives.

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  1. Thanks Ralph, love is a many splendored thing, I am proud to come from an Italian Father that taught me how important family is. as I am sure your Father has taught you. Your articles are very interesting. I am happy to say that I am in control of my feelings and heart