Friday, April 1, 2011

Justin Bieber gives information about woman’s reproductive rights and health care .If you need information on these subjects, who else should you seek for advice? According to Rolling Stone Magazine we need to know what he thinks not the Surgeon General or Gloria Steinman. The 16 year old gave his opinion on these subjects, will there be a follow-up article on the stimulus package too?
I understand he is hugely influential and has millions of followers although he did not receive the Grammy for best new artist this year, but do we really need to know his opinion on these subjects? At 16, what does he know about abortion and health care. He looks 12-14 years old. He still sings in a high pitch, no signs of facial hair, his balls probably didn’t even drop yet.
What does he even know about sex? Was it a trap by Rolling Stone to embarrass him if he gave wacky answers? He is America’s icon for purity, talent and the good old American boy image. It is difficult to find anyone to fit that image these days. So far, he has lived up to that iconic image and is sort of a role model for young teens. He is private tutored, always on tour, his Mom travels with him and is pretty much held hostage by the music industry. He does not have the freedoms that kids have who go to school for 8 hours and are left alone to befriend anyone they want to.
He should be talking about the movies or Chuckie Cheeze; definitely hair products. That would be interesting topics for him to be knowledgeable about. Instead he openly reveals “I really don’t believe in abortion.” Who is he to tell millions of young sexual girls what they should do with their reproductive systems? These girls love him and while having sex with dirty old men or the stupidest guy in the class they are thinking of Justin and his belief and going all the way and keeping the child they are not emotionally or financially ready to raise for the next 20 years!!! Not necessarily a good choice.
The reporter went a step further and asked him, what about in the cases of incest or rape? Should abortion be an option? His reply, “Everything happens for a reason.” What the hell does that mean? Is he suggesting that rape or incest is a kind of destiny? Young people! Please do not listen to this guy! It is clear that he does not know how to reply to these questions and nor should he have to at this point in his life. However, young girls will listen to this haircut. There never should be a “REASON” for incest or rape! Incest and rape are crimes that must be punishable in a court room and must be avoided at all cost.
A major problem in all this is that he has major super powers with his fan base and beyond. If he decides to Twitter something or make a statement, he has the power to shut you down and immediately get out there and influence millions of young people without experience, thought or education on these subjects. Very dangerous!

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