Saturday, April 23, 2011

Who was the hottest want-a be dancer on Dancing With The Stars this year? Her name is Petra Nemcova and she has already been voted off for trying to do dances that no one really performs anymore. They choose old rock or country music and expect people out of their element or expertise to within weeks to have musicality and then dance a waltz to a rock song. Sounds insane and stupid. It is one of the most popular shows on Television.
She is a very tall very beautiful model with a heavy accent that still belongs behind the iron curtain. She didn’t know who Elvis was. Perfect. She is also a perfect person of which the show did little or no promotion of who she really is. Famous for her Modeling and now famous for getting thrown off the show but not nearly famous for the best thing she has done in life so far.
She is a tsunami survival story that she was very much part of. She survived the 2004 tsunami in Thailand that killed over 100,000 people including her Finance Simon Atlee. She since has founded The Happy Hearts Fund that helps children that have been affected by natural disasters.
Her survival story was by clinging to a tree. First she was underwater drowning and then she was lucky to get air when the wave was receding back to sea. She tried twice to hold on to a tree. She held on to the upper branches of a tree for eight hours and suffered a broken pelvis. She said, “I had angels looking after me. I never thought I would survive all the debris quickly crashing around me. I had the courage to climb higher to a safer place above the water level. I now appreciate things in a very different way’
We need to be thankful for every moment alive. The axis of the earth has changed and more is to come, it is inevitable. In the States we have 39 areas where earthquakes may occur. 35 million people could be affected. This country does not prepare us enough for safety measures if a disaster happens on our soil. She wishes more was being done in our schools to have natural disaster drills.
Happy Hearts Fund aims to improve the lives of children in natural disaster areas. She believes all children could benefit from the training because children travel as she did and vacation to beautiful but potentially dangerous places. To learn more about Nemcova’s organization, visit HAPPYHEARTSFUND.ORG. Since 2006 they have rebuilt 50 schools. They are in 9 countries around the world and built 13 schools each year. The fastest way to heal from trauma is to go back to a sense of normalcy as soon as possible.
This is the miracle that should be exploited for religious holidays that a beautiful angel survived a disaster and chose to form an organization to help us all survive a disaster and she is a great success at her efforts. Instead, she will probably be remembered as the model who got thrown off TV because she didn’t dance a waltz to cowboy music or something stupid like that. Worship who ever you want. I like worshiping her. She is beautiful in every way.

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