Friday, February 25, 2011

It’s time for the birthing season in the Gulf for dolphins. Infant dolphins are dying off in the Gulf. This is the first birthing season since the spill. This is further evidence that BP stands for Big Polluters. The mega corporations still haven’t paid most of the people for damages in that region and who is going to pay for the dolphin and sea family of creatures that are non existent or dying. No One.
In Gulfport , Miss. Baby dolphins some barely three feet in length, are washing up along the Mississippi and Alabama coastlines at 10 times the normal rate of stillborn and infant deaths, researchers are finding. I wrote a blog about the lies that BP has been getting away with on Sunday January 23, 2011. The local newspaper, The Sun Herald of Biloxi has learned that 17 young dolphins, either aborted before they reached maturity or was dead soon after birth. They have been collected along the shorelines.
The Institute of Marine Mammal Studies performed necropsies, known as animal autopsies on two of the babies recently. Moby Solangi, director of the Institute called the high number of deaths an anomaly and regarded the findings as significant. This is sooo coincidental in light of the BP oil spill that happened throughout the spring and summer of last year when millions of barrels of crude oil containing toxins that carried carcinogens spewed into the Gulf of Mexico.
Oil worked its way into the Mississippi and Chandeleur sounds and other bays and shallow waters where dolphins traditionally breed and give birth. “ This is the first birthing season for dolphins since the spill. Dolphins breed in the spring and carry their young for 11-12 months“, Solangi said.
Typically in January or February there are one or two babies per month found in the Mississippi and Alabama NOT SEVENTEEN, then the birthing season goes into full swing in March and April. Now we got to pray for the animals to try to live.

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