Thursday, February 24, 2011

Watch the Oscars. The producers of the Oscar telecast are grateful they did not hire comedians to host their show. They hired totally untested young actors to host so the joke is clearly on them. Yes, James Franco and Anne Hathaway who have been rehearsing their singing, dancing and anything else they could think of doing that they are not famous for doing. We have to watch to see if it is a train wreck or totally new and entertaining. After all, with all the judging shows all over the tube, Joe Q, Public is an expert on anything entertaining. After all, WE are who they ARE entertaining. We bought the damn tickets to their dumb movies. We deserve to see them win or lose a trophy.
After watching these way too beautiful and way too rich people thank each other for three hours, all we really care about is who wins the best picture award which will be presented at the last 5 minutes of the show while 20 people rush onto the stage and thank God and their 3 year old child or their gay lover while the ending credits are all over their speeches and faces. If you haven’t already heard it many times, here are the 10 nominees. The only good part of reading this list is to test yourself. Have I seen all these pictures? Do I have good taste in movies?
The Social Network, The King’s Speech, Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception, True Grit, Toy Story 3, The Kids Are All Right, 127 Hours and Winter’s Bone. Poor Ben Affleck. Everyone said his film “The Town” was the greatest thing he was ever involved in but it did not make it to the best film list. How can it be so great for him? He wrote it , no nomination. He stared in it, no nomination. He wrote it , no nomination. And, he directed it, no nomination. His actor Jeremy Renner IS nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Ben, stay home. It’s embarrassing.
I hope the best appearance at the Oscars will be the group of 65 kids from Public School 22 on Staten Island. They are about 11 years old from the largest public elementary school in the borough. They are the 5th grade chorus. They are unconventional led by Gregg Breinberg who doesn’t make them sing long rambling unknown choral pieces. It is obvious he mixes things up and lets them do their own thing with some guidance of course. Check them out on You Tube where they are already famous for their renditions of pop music originally recorded by Lady Gaga, Jay-Z and Phoenix.

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