Saturday, February 26, 2011

Partially naked, using drugs having sex. No not the life of Charlie Sheen. The new MTV show “Skins” . Did I mention that the actors are 15-17 years old.? After one episode airing, major sponsors have already pulled their commercials off the show. The drama depicts teens seeking sex and drugs. We already saw some young guy’s bare ass. Most of the audience are kids in the 13-15 age group. How early must we exploit bad behavior and call it entertainment? Charlie Sheen does it 24-7 on an off the air.
What about the child pornography issues? There really isn’t any difference between this show and ‘The Jersey Shore” except that all the actors in “Skins” ARE underage. Not long ago on a racy episode of “Glee” they at least disclosed that the half naked girls in the locker room were 18 years old even if they looked 14. This is all real disgusting stuff. Child porn is gross, disgusting and illegal. Leave the kids alone. Try to keep them pure at least for 15-20 years of their young lives.
The Parents Television Council has named MTV’s “Skins” the most dangerous show ever for kids. I’m sure that is exactly what the producers of this most recent junk on TV WAS going for and they achieved this distinction after only one episode being aired. MTV was always the cool cable channel that had all the newest music videos now it has to have all the grossest shows? It’s shot in a indy style, its gritty and some say no different that “Gossip Girl” but in a x rated way.
You feel bad for these kids and like all train wrecks you sit there and watch them make all the bad decisions. However, to the 13 year old watching this junk alone in their room, do they even know these are bad decisions? There are so many bad decisions shows in the media lately, the young kids must think this is all normal and the way to go. MTV would set puppies on fire or throw people into volcanoes to get ratings lately. Some critics actually asked the government to investigate this show for child pornography.
MTV says that “Skins” tackles teen issues that can spark conversations at home. Do I really need more painful sparks at home? When I get home I want a good meal, comfortable cloths and to see a beautiful family. I don’t want sparks and dysfunctional junk put into anybody’s head. Charlie Sheen disappear into somebody’s coke filled vagina and leave us alone. I don’t want to hear about his life on the nightly news and I don’t want this junk in my kids head. MTV should only be showing good guitar rifts in some music video. We need pop culture tradition not smut.
At least the characters are not likable, their decisions are not good and hopefully the nearly 2 million kids that already tuned into “Skins” can realize that it’s all not good in the aftermath. Good News. Charlie Sheen and his show has been pulled off the air and a lot of advertisers have already pulled their ads off this show over racy content. Taco Bell and Wrigley. Thanks corporate America for making a statement about morals and money in this country.

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