Monday, December 6, 2010


We are deeply forced into the “Holiday Season”. It became clearly apparent when the television media immediately went into their snowy commercials right after all the politicians publicly dragged each other into the dirt. All before Thanksgiving when we still want to be bathed in the fall colors and the aroma of pumpkin pies.
I thought I should step into the “Holiday “ muck and go shopping early on a Sunday morning. Granted, I usually would spend that time in Church listening to the greatness of the humbled Jesus who scripture says he destroyed the market place and threw everyone out who were selling their junk instead of spending time in prayer. Feeling a bit like a traitor I marched into Best Buy who was open at 9 A.M. and purchased my son’s request for the latest Assassin’s Creed video game. Now he could spend hours virtually killing, watching blood splatter, revel in sexual themes, strong language and the much revered violence. He could also experience photosensitive seizures. He will be so happy to get this junk that is the same price everywhere, not on sale. You know, the laws of supply and demand.
These days entertainment is motivated by killing and vampire worship. Where are the much needed videos and games about saints and Nobel Peace Prize recipients? How about promoting some inventors? Nah, like the politicians, we only need mucky stuff in society. So, in my shopping adventure I marched into Bed Bath & Beyond who at least had the decency to not open their doors until 10 A.M. on Sunday. We could sleep another hour before we go into shameless shopping.
I proceeded to try to purchase a advertised key chain blood alcohol detector for my daughter who claims to be giving rides home for her drunken friends after a night out. My guilt for this adventure wasn’t enough. Of course, none of the sales people knew where this item was in the store, so before I could change my mind they whip a microphone out of somewhere on their body and make a public announcement telling all that there is a man looking for the breathalyzer. I wished I was safely in Church again.
I think for now on we should stick to the clothing and jewelry safe gifts. However, advertised clearly in a major newspaper known for good news and business news, and really easy to read and purchase is the new holiday gift of six decades of Playboy, with no staples in the way . Yes, Playboy cover to cover in a portable hard drive that contains every issue from the first , in 1953, to December 2009. It costs $300.
Happy and Merry of whatever we are supposed to be celebrating this commercial season.

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