Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Ladies Professional Golf Association commonly known as the L.P.G.A. had recently voted to eliminate the tour’s requirement that players be “female at birth” and to allow transgender athletes to compete. This decision coincidently was arrived at less than two months after a transgender woman sued the tour in federal court, arguing that the rule violated California civil rights law.
This guy I mean now girl known as now Lana Lawless is a retired police officer who had gender reassignment surgery and who since won the 2008 women’s world championship in long -drive golf. Now she is not listed in the L.P.G.A. as a player in the 2010 season.
I would love to be able to start my game ten feet closer to the hole from the women’s tee spot and drive a ball with the power of a man’s swing.
The L.P.G.A. policy shift follows similar changes made by other sports bodies to allow transgender athletes to compete. Including the International Olympic Committee, the United States Golf Association, the Ladies Golf Union in Britain and the Ladies European Golf Tour. No one has gone through any thought as to biologically what constituters the differences between a man and a woman other than cutting off one’s genitals commonly now known as one’s “junk.”
The National Collegiate Athletic Association also known as the N.C.A.A. is currently reviewing its policies regarding transgender athletes. A member of the George Washington women’s basketball team, Kye Allums, came out this season as a transgender man. Allums has been permitted to play on the women’s team because he has not undergone hormone treatments or sexual reassignment surgery.
All of this is way too confusing and gives no true definition of women’s and men’s sports. Hormone treatment and genital reassignment does not define a man or woman. There are muscle tone and psychological differences in both genders that cannot be ignored. Yet all these professional organizations are caving into the politically correct answers instead of doing more research into all aspects that make a man so different from a woman.
It is definitely a victory for the transgender community to have all these organizations change their rules to accommodate the desires of a group who just do not like who they were when they were born. I am all for be who ever you want to be in life but don’t try to redefine life the way you wish it to be by simply filling yourself with hormones or evasive surgery. Much more research must be done in the psychological and physical major differences of a man and woman such as muscle mass and height differences before we can say “Voila! You are a man now.

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