Saturday, December 4, 2010

The top news story continues to focus on the economy and unemployment. The numbers for the last reporting period were not as good as most people expected. Unemployment went up, long term unemployment went up and the number of discouraged workers, those so discouraged that they no longer believe that a job exists for them and have stopped looking, has gone over a million. The politicians are still fighting (remember those Corbett brothers) and the middle class is still caught in a downward spiral, less money to spend resulting in less income for businesses leading to fewer jobs.
In this the “Holiday” season we tend to revel in the spirit of hope. Whether it’s a religious tradition, an office holiday party or a family gathering this time of year tends to bring joy and happiness to most people. Those that are fortunate to have jobs in fields that are related to the season are busy. The challenge this year is the difficult economic climate. You have to “shop like Santa and spend like Scrooge”.

Retailers are hoping that people get caught up in the holiday spirit and extend a little beyond their budgets and consumers are holding out for last minute bargains. Many people are getting back to simpler celebrations of the season. A recent news telecast had a reporter show several homes decorated in blue and white lights for the celebration of Hanukah. The Christmas trees are going up and side walk sales are in full swing. Many cities and towns across the nation are involved with festive holiday themed events.
I can only hope and wish that the spirit of giving will extend to all those who have profited from the recent economic problems and that they will be truly generous and not simply looking for the biggest tax deduction. Many people have to cut back on the scope of their festivities. A home designer has created a complete line of home furnishings and decorations called “Farm Chic D├ęcor” born out her frugal upbringing. Her designs are simple yet warm and homey making everyone feel good. She uses a lot of recycled objects like rustic mailboxes filled with greenery and galvanized tub for decoration. One of her keys is to get the entire family involved in the decorating.
They can take your job away. They can take your money away but we should never let anyone take away our spirit. In this season where it seems that the only way to truly enjoy the holidays is to spend money you don’t have.  We must remember who we are. The American spirit must overcome any and all adversities. We can always find a way to cope with any situation. The history of this nation is about its people overcoming adversity. When things seemed too difficult we always found a way.

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