Monday, December 13, 2010

In this very religious season of the year we reflect on whatever form of God we believe in and if you’ve ever read the Old Testament of the Bible much of the stories that lead people to ’believe’ deal with miracles. Those who choose to believe that the impossible can be possible should be interested in the compelling story about a farmer in Brazil that thousands visit every day to perform miracles of some sort that helps physically and mentally people. The skeptics and the believers are there.
They call him John of God who removed tumors, scraped cataracts from eyes and probed peoples nostrils with a scissor with no complaints of pain from his faithful all in the interest of comfort all done without the benefit of anesthesia or sterilization because no one experiences physical pain there. A remote town known as Abadiania is where he performs these modern day miracles in a place simply called La Casa, a spiritual center where all faiths are welcome. Some say he is a medium that channels the spirits of more than thirty doctors and saints to cure cancer; the paralyzed walk and the blind see. Many come to be healed of a physical ailment some are praying for a miracle and others are simply looking for spiritual wholeness.
He possesses no medical degree and little formal education. Reports of infection are hard to find there. The majority of healings do not involve physical contact. Dr. Jeff Rediger a ivy league professor of psychiatry with a masters degree in divinity went there and experienced unexplained bleeding from his chest after his visit. John of God takes no fees and does not take credit for what he does for people. He says it is the power of God working through him. He urges all who visit him to continue with all treatments prescribed by their doctors.
He sees people on Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays and requires all to wear understating white. People don’t even flinch with the evasive procedures. Medical doctors believe it can be attributed to an intense immune reaction. Most people are there seeking help after their doctors said they cannot do anything else for them. There is a film of his work called “Healing.” Initially people are instructed to meditate in a healing room and not cross their arms or legs or open their eyes for three hours. After experiencing his own miracle of sorts Dr. Rediger felt afraid and out of control despite his own years of education. This event has changed his life in many ways in that he believes” that reality is both revealed and concealed by the world we see with our eyes and that none of us are who we appear to be.” After this experience all believe that there Is A God and the will to live is very important to our health.
Emotional healing can be more important than the physical for overall wellness. The body is something we are still trying to learn. How we each cope with problems is the secret to a good life. Perhaps this miracle worker is the closest thing to God we presently have on earth now.

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