Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Recently we have entered a new frontier full force commercially. Yes, for the first time, a commercial spacecraft returned to Earth from orbit successfully in record time. The flight, by the Space Exploration, Technologies Corp. or Space X went flawlessly from the launching of its Falcon 9 rocket ,with a Dragon capsule riding on top, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida to splashdown of the Dragon in the Pacific Ocean 3 hours , 19 minutes and 52 seconds later.
The mission was the first demonstration for NASA of a spacecraft designed to ferry cargo and perhaps eventually astronauts to the International Space Station. Yeah! Forget earth, send some champagne and chocolates to my space cabana in about 3-4 hours.
Space X has a contract worth $1.6 billion for 12 flights to take cargo and supplies to the space station. With the imminent cancellation of NASA’s Ares I rocket that was to take astronauts there, the space agency will be hiring private companies to provide astronaut transportation as well. Now that we allow private corporations to enter space, how long do you think before greed, corruption and trash being orbited will take place. Space was safe we assumed as long as the government regulated its traffic. Not anymore.
Space X is in a strong position to win at least part of the astronaut-carrying business. Here we go again with the wild west and the covered wagons who got there first to claim territory and do as they wish. The Dragon already has a pressurized cabin and has been designed from the beginning with the intention of carrying people. Please don’t hire that guy who got fired from the airlines who cussed at the customers, took wine and pulled the emergency chutes as he left his job.
The corporate owners also are making a pitch that the Dragon could also be used for deep-space missions. Yes, lets muck up as much uncharted territory as we possibly can. F---K Earth. We’ll be arriving at the space station in approximately 3 and one half hours. Who wants a vodka on the rocks. We’ll throw the bottle out in orbit when you’re done. Have a pleasant flight.

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