Thursday, December 30, 2010

Commercial sponsors have gone wild. I spoke of the possibility of corporate sponsors taking over our school systems. Professional sports arenas are named after a product or service and our college teams have sponsors driving them crazy. The University of Oregon and Nike have partnered since 1996 on athletic apparel and continue to push the envelope with football uniforms. This team has worn a different combination for each game. The sports information director Dave Williford said the last time they wore the same outfit in back-to-back games was not certain, but it was probably 2003.
There are currently 12 uniforms of Oregon football and they are planning a new one for the new year. Nike! Give it a break! What if the sponsor was Vera Wang? Would these guys be wearing a different wedding gown for each game too? Why Not ! We love corporate profits and useless advertising. Even our elected politicians are bought by lobbyist that pay for their campaigns. (That’s a different days rant. Back to football) Luckily this is a great team and stand 12-0 heading into the Bowl Championship Series title game January 10th against Auburn in Glendale, Arizona.
According to Williford, Oregon has 4 helmets, 5 jerseys, 4 pairs of pants, 4 sets of socks and 4 pairs of shoes in various colors including neon. That creates a possible 1,280 combinations. That does not include a throwback ensemble or the BCS title-game outfit, considered single entities. Before this mess, the school had one outfit from 1890-1925 and then they only changed the color. Now the coach and team captains can choose whatever combination they want including neon socks and Nike Zoom Alpha Talon cleats for the title game. I can’t buy all this gear for my kid and why should the kids be exposed to all this fanfare. Play ball that’s all!!!
Nike’s contract with this team, released to their local newspaper The (Portland)Oregonian after an open-records request, showed that the athletic department received a CASH payment from Nike of $500,000 in 2008-09. Nike also provided Oregon teams with $1.95 million worth of gear that year as well as much as $150,000 in extra gear as requested by athletic department officials. Come on now !!! There are bare assed kids in Africa. Get Real!! A new agreement extends the partnership to 2018 with increases in each category: $250,000 in cash, $550,000 in team gear and $50,000 in extra gear. Kaching!!!$$$$$$ So, keep buying those Nike sneakers you got to have; it pays for neon socks on your favorite teams.

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