Saturday, July 1, 2017

Trump's Swamp

For America Trump insulted all the living Presidents who assembled to wish him well at his first speech as President and in his speech he dwelled on a particular insult that America is a swamp that needed to be cleaned up. In the past 6 months all Americans have learned that the swamp is in Trumps head and he needs to be cleaned up. America is disgusted with him. He is an insult comic that just isn’t funny anymore. Breaking up families whether Mexicans or Muslims is not the answer to the immigration problem. Document and do background checks on immigrants to make sure their interest here is to be law-abiding people. Stop attacking the press and give them something good that they want to report about. Stop denying your illegal relationship with Russia and telling Americans that the evil dictators of the world should be our friends now. Stop hiring your friends and put professionals in their field for decision making jobs in our government. Stop denying healthcare for millions of Americans and clean up the swamp that is the thriving corrupt pharmaceutical industry that is causing an Opioid epidemic in our country. Stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and now Taiwan for no good reason. Most of all stop selling your branded junk around the world using your Presidential status for personal gain. Trump is an un-American swamp that needs a good cleaning.
Instead of playing baseball games in open unprotected fields and wondering why crazy people want to shoot them with all their documented assault weapons, all the top Republicans in government needs to get busy and change   laws to prevent the scam of fraudulent billing going on in the medical industry. The drug problem is not taking place just in dark alleys in failing neighborhoods to poor people who gave up on their lives. Now middle class neighborhoods are being destroyed with a large population of families who have jobs and healthcare and “safe” kids who are dying daily from untamed drug abuse. They go to the hospitals and doctors and clinics and still die from overdoses. Clean up that swamp of corruption Donald!
Americans protest and criticize Trump daily because we care for our country and love our country and we feel the need to scold the uninformed bully that just isn’t doing a good job for this country. Almost every family has been touched by drug abuse but it is especially painful when it is your child hooked on the stupid stuff no one needs to live a life with. So, why is drugs everywhere? There are 5 million people under the age of 26 dying daily from drug addiction. Every year thousands of them go to Florida not for the sun but for help in rehab programs but instead of getting help they are caught up in scams that can cost them their lives. The swamp is our public health emergency not healthcare plans.
Palm Beach has more than 400 rehab centers which is more centers needed for their population. Young Americans are dying at most of these centers where they went for help. In a drug addiction center called Reflections kids are dying on the premises taking junk. Parents send their kids to South Florida to get addiction help not to die. In a place called Reflections the parents aren’t even notified that their kid died on the premises. The centers provide free plane tickets to Florida but then they just bill your healthcare for lots of services never rendered. Instead of help the amounts of deaths from drug abuse have quadrupled in the past 4 years in Palm Beach alone. Last year more than 4,600 deaths   from drugs occurred in Palm Beach.
The recovery capitol of America, Palm Beach has about 12 drug induced deaths per day. Most of drug addicted people seeking help live not in monitored facilities but in residential houses called sober homes. There are about 4 such homes on every block. Treatment is supposed to take place in outpatient facilities. The system is corrupt. All the places care just about money and not getting anyone better. Parent’s healthcare are being billed about $10,000 for one day of lab services. The total for over 15 months can rise to over a million dollars. Parents are being billed for daily visits to a therapist and their kids say they don’t visit every day. Most of the time they just go to pee in a cup and get billed $10,000 for just one lab test. The State Attorney says it is all part of a massive kick-back scheme. Insurance companies bill plans and give some of that money back for the patient referrals. Taxpayers are footing the bills and our law makers are doing NOTHING to stop the scam. Obamacare made payment for addiction treatment virtually unlimited to help addicts. Instead companies exploited and abused the gift to Americans and over billed for treatments they weren’t giving to addicts. Corruption will always happen if you allow it to happen.
There is NO regulations over those sober houses since they are given under the designation as housing for the disabled. So there is NO regulations, NO certifications and NO registration. Clean up this swamp Donald and stop playing golf! There is no requirement to have any supervision at these houses. People are just renting out their homes as sober houses and collecting high rent from the taxpayers. Everyone with an insurance police in Palm Beach is a person of value. Home owners   lure addicts with insurance to occupy their homes by offering them free rent, free cigarettes and free food. People are paid to go to centers to lure addicts to occupy sober homes. No one cares about people any more they just care about how they can bill the system for money. It is the new American Way! There is no money in sobriety. The money is in relapse. Clean up the health care swamp but don’t deny Obama’s good intentions for a safe recovery. The scheme has already moved into New York, California and Arizona.

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