Friday, June 30, 2017

Destructive Donald

Related imageAs we start to celebrate our nation’s 4th of July celebrations this weekend, instead of being proud of being an American we are embarrassed by the actions and harmful hateful words our President spews out for the world to hear. We encouraged the monster during the campaign to elect a President. No one watched the debates for real reasons of comparing ideas that the potential leaders wanted their vision to help Americans; we watched to see what outrageous thing Trump would say or do. Admit it, he provided the entertainment we craved and whenever he spoke we didn’t get politics or policy, we got hateful harmful comments just about everyone on that stage.  We can only blame ourselves when the brown voters just didn’t show up to vote. Their mentor Obama was out of the question anymore. We can blame the millions of young college age voters who walked away from the voting process after their mentor Bernie was defeated. Whatever the reason is that could answer the question of why he got elected, Trump got elected. He is here now and we are paying the price in many ways for electing our reality star clown to represent us.
Insults aside, the entire process of electing a crude, rude, stupid un-informed leader is just simply dangerous to mankind in general. Stupid insensitive people with money and power are very dangerous people. They are called the evil dictators that throughout the history of the world were known for their inhuman deeds. Monday is Independence Day, a day where we celebrate the brave soldiers who fought against tyranny and won in 1776. It is only fitting to quote the words of a living military man who knows war and warned us during the campaign.  Col. Tom Moe is a United States Air Force Vietnam POW. He said”
“You might not care if Donald Trump says   Muslims must register with the government because you are not one. And you might not care if Donald Trump says he is going to round up all the Hispanic immigrants because you are not one. You might not care if Donald Trump says it’s ok to rough up black protestors because you are not one. And you might not care if Donald Trump wants to suppress journalists because you are not one. But think about this. If he keeps going and he actually becomes President he might just get around to you and you better hope that there is someone to help you.”Related image
Donald Trump speaks hate and not peace and after 5 months of his tweets and live comments we are still being fed a constant supply of insults from the man. Yesterday he called journalists from a TV political show known as Morning Joe low I.Q Crazy Mika and Psycho Joe and said that she “was bleeding badly from a face-lift.” Is this kind of trash talk expected from an American President? Donald Trump is not a symptom of something, he is the disease with no known cure. He will not let anyone treat his disease with humility, grace and civility or any attribute you can think of.

The first lady defended her husband and said, ”When my husband gets attacked,  he  will punch back 10 times harder.” So in essence she is saying when they go low, we will go ten times lower. So the focus of cyber-bullying is going well so far. That was supposed to be her cause to prevent as the First Lady. Too bad we didn’t know that she would be on the bullying side of that issue. This Independence Day we won’t need fireworks. We are all the flames we need. Donald Trump has soaked us all in gasoline and has lit the match so that now we are all being disintegrated in a ball of destructive flames. 

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