Monday, July 17, 2017

Practice What you Preach

Why can’t this President at least practice what he preaches?  Every day he is simply an embarrassment on a range of topics. At least I am not the only one that can’t stand the man. Trump has the lowest approval rating of any President ever. While he continues to try to blow off the Russian interventions as being nothing of importance, two thirds of the country think his relationship with Russia is inappropriate to say the least. Many believe that the security clearance of Jared Kushner should be revoked for his non-disclosure antics. The son-in-law attended meetings with the Russians under the cuff.
Today a high level meeting took place with top Russian Diplomats to discuss the possibility of getting two large luxury compounds here in the United States that was seized during the Obama Administration in response to election hacking. Would Obama have gotten some respect for his appropriate actions if he looked like his white mother? Just saying. Trump wants to reward the Russians for the hacking. Who will stop this maniac?
Today Trump tried to change the subject from Russia to Made in America rants. He said “Remember the old days, they used to have made in the U.S.A? We are going to put that brand on our product because it means that it is the best.” Well then he just admitted that all the things he sells is crap. None of it is made in the states. Donald and his daughter Ivanka’s products have outsourced the manufacturing of their products in other countries around the world because the labor is cheaper and there are fewer regulations thus more money for the Trumps not America. For example, items from the Trump Home Collection are made in Turkey. Trump clothes are made in China and Indonesia.
This past weekend he did nothing to improve his not so good health care plan but spent the weekend promoting golf tournaments at his golf clubs putting more profits in his pockets. He is soooooo unethical. Trump uses the Presidency only for self-promotion and personal profiting. He sent out 8 Tweets  in 3 days promoting the Women’s Open Tournament that took place at his golf club in New Jersey. Visits to his own properties raises ethical concerns because the President still owns and profits from his companies. Since becoming President he has made 36 visits to 6 Trump properties in Virginia, Washington, DC, Florida and New Jersey. He has not stayed at any non-Trump resorts.
When asked why he makes his products abroad, the response was that there wasn’t any supply chains in the states. Then he should be working on creating supply chains in the states if he wants to practice what he is preaching. The ban on immigrants and the thrown out of many Mexican workers is creating a worker shortage in many industries here so the price of food and goods are going to cost us more money. The H-28 Visa which is a temporary Visa for workers have been cut back and his government is not approving these kinds of Visas. It is affecting the shrimp boat business in the Texas Gulf Coast. Mexican workers are no longer there to help with the shrimp fishing so lest shrimp will be harvested. Hundreds of needed deck hands aren’t there. It is all with legal workers. Americans aren’t even applying for the jobs. Hotels are suffering with the lack of food and maid workers.  Trump is costing America money.

Now Marines, soldier boots are being told to be employed in Afghanistan again. Trump was a big critic of Obama and said he wasn’t bringing our soldiers home fast enough. Can this guy do anything that helps Americans?

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