Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Pay Up Trump!

The White House has declared that this is Made in America Week. The Donald surrounded him with products that were in fact made in the United States. Did he even notice that there wasn’t a single product of his own on display? If you remember during the election he surrounded himself with his steaks and water products duping America into believing that he would bring his product selling expertise to benefit Americans. Just another LIE! Here is a small list of products slathered with the Trump name that are NOT made in America.
Trump Shirts
Trump Sport Coats
Trump Suits
Trump Eyeglasses
Trump by Dorya Furniture
Trump Home Mirrors
Trump Home Ceramic Vases
Trump Home Wall Decorations
Trump Home Kitchen Items
Trump Home Lighting Fixtures
Trump Home Picture Frames
Trump Home by Rogaska Tabletop Collection
Trump Hotel Pens
Trump Hotel Shampoo
Trump Hotel Body Wash
Trump Hotel Moisturizers
Trump Hotel Shower Caps
Trump Hotel Laundry Bags
Trump Hotel Show Bags
Trump Hotel Pet Collars & Leashes
Trump Hotel Bath Towels
Trump Vodka
Donald Trump has 22,450 employees and none of them make anything in America. Ivanka’s clothing line relies exclusively on foreign factories employing low wage workers in places known for extreme poverty. Her factories are in Bangladesh and  Indonesia. She manufactures shoes in China where the workers are revolting about being insulted and being beaten at work. The workers complain about having to work all day and through the night till midnight. She is involved in a law suit involving show designers claiming that she plagiarized their designs for her shoes. If Donald Trump is really concerned with making America great again he needs to look no further than how he makes all his money and at least put his labor force using American workers. The only cure for America he possesses is a will to open up a select few hazardous, unhealthy coal mines and to de-regulate any environmental concerns and let corporations pollute our land, air and water.  
Thank goodness today the Republican brass killed their own disastrous health care plan before it had a chance to kill us all.  They even dusted off 92 year old Senator Robert Byrd and made him arrive in a wheelchair to cast a vote for the bill. They really need to vote for term limits on these old guys still governing our nation. They lost 2 key votes overnight and decided to bury the legislation altogether. Not a single Republican was brave enough to step forward alone to trash the bill. Like the cowards they are, they had to kill the bill in a group. They still want to repeal Obama care. Why repeal it all? There are still good points to the current plan. Why not vote to improve the current plan? It must be another attempt to tarnish Obama’s legacy.
Why don’t they work through their self- imposed August vacation and approve pension plans for our brave Seals who killed Bin Laden? We should be paying for their bravery instead of exploiting their widow a week after Trump’s badly plan killed a Seal as he did in a speech shortly after he was elected. The Senators get paid enough and vote lots of perks for themselves. Pay American workers to make Trump’s junk and pay the Seals with Republican Senators vacation time!

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