Friday, July 7, 2017

Perfect Putin and Perfect Poland

Trump is currently on his Payback to Putin Victory Tour. Trump made a stop in Poland a place that is looking more and more like a Nazi state of mind. The country has been taken over by white supremacists that have already made outrageous statements. It is ironic that Poland is the only place that greeted Trump warmly at least with no protests. How is that possible? To find that answer we need to take a closer look at Poland lately. It is like everything is forced there. The Polish media reported that the government promised the White House cheering crowds as part of its invitation. Poland has been taken over by something called The Law and Justice Party. They are very conservative and have changed the structure of the government there. Like Trump they have successfully surrounded themselves with little or no opposition.
Poland has transformed public-owned news media into pro-government mouthpieces. They have consolidated all forms of political power. The current foreign minister says outrageous things in public. The new ruling party representative went on TV and said that Poland would no longer have that “negro mentality” when it comes to relations with the United States. The man who said that is Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski. He has also publically denounced racial mixing.  Yet there were large protests for women’s rights. The right-wing party is trying to focusing on changing the laws. Law and Justice is focusing on the lower courts. They are proposing a law that would change the way judges are selected. This is all so odd since Poland used to be a democracy. The government guaranteed that they would bus people in to cheer Trump upon arrival. That is probably the reason Trump greed to visit Poland. Then Trump is off to Germany where he will have a sit down meeting with Putin. There has not been a meeting between Putin and a United States President in over two years. Obama took steps to isolate Putin as punishment for invading the Ukraine and taking over that country. Putin has a great influence over Poland now too.
This all looks like an effort of Putin to take over many regions at least in his views and in running a country according to his guidelines that is the complete opposite of a democracy. Trump wants or has the same values. Trump wants to restrict the press to only reporting on what he wants to get out to the public. Trump already has complete domination of the highest branches in our government hiring only people that are his friends ignoring competency for the job. We have a   Republican dominated House and Senate and Congress. Even our latest elections are stained by voting fraud in the Republican favor through possible cyber tampering, faulty voting machines or changing district lines in their favor. There is so much corruption everywhere.
What has Putin done to suddenly earn a face to face meeting with an American President? It is obvious that Trump is Putin’s best buddy and Trump forgets all the horrific things Putin does even in his own country. It has been proven that Russia tampered with our election. Russia should be punished and not greeted warmly. Throw that Donald out in a Dumpster!  (Secret Service don’t arrest me for saying that!) I am no Cathy Griffin and don’t threaten anyone Sigh!

Just last week Russia threatened to attack a United States destroyer by sending fighter jets to circle it at close range. Russia threatened to shoot down United States jets over Syria just a few weeks ago. Ho much of a debt does Trump owe Putin to let Russia do just about anything to the United States?

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