Saturday, July 8, 2017

Lies, lies and more lies

Related imageLies. Lies and more lies. Is that the American way now? Supposedly it was Trumps first meeting with Putin at the G20 Summit yesterday. The photos show an eager bromance that lasted for a two hour closed door meeting amongst two very close buddies just judging from the body language. Trump said it was an honor to be with Putin. So now America is honored to meet a man who killed and jailed any opposition possible leader over the past 17 years that Putin has been in power. Now America is honored to be associated with a man who suppressed the people of the Ukraine and took over that country. Now America is honored to be part of the country that influenced our election process. Now America is proud of the fact that Putin supplies our enemy in Syria with all the weapons they want to use against their own people and destroy that region simply because the people do not want their Dictator in power anymore. Now America is honored to know they both could care less and are actually glad that the polar ice is melting for their personal financial gain. I don’t think so!
Just the day before this meeting Trump said “nobody knows” in reference to the Russian meddling into the election despite all the proof that has evolved. Like Putin Trump hates any press that will make him look bad especially if it is the truth. He simply has to blah, blah more compliments and lies about himself to deflect the TRUTH that he likes to call fake news. We never heard the term “fake news” during any other presidency. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who has known Putin for years was in that room. They have a real profitable oil and gas connection. Putin continues to deny Russian involvement into the election. So, what did this meeting solve but to yet bring the two Dictators closer and to discuss their personal gains together behind a closed door face to face? Let them get chummy in a prison together!
Related imageThe Russian spokesman said that Trump accepted the denials. So, in the he said, he said reports of very opposite answers to the election scam what is the truth on that issue? Did or didn’t Trump accept the denial or not? So, it is a win from Trump that he simply brushed off the election scandal as simply old news. The G20 meeting is supposed to be a coming together of world decision making leaders to agree on ways to make this a better planet. These two seem to have a different agenda. Protests roared throughout Germany protesting these two Fascists getting together in a friendly environment. Fascism rose in the turn of the century we don’t need to see it happening yet again. Both World Wars meant nothing?
The lies time line is as follows:
2016: Trump said, “I have no relationship with Putin. I don’t think I have ever met him. I have never met him. “ in an interview with George Stephanopolis. A LIE
2013: Trump said, “I have met Putin once” on the David Letterman Show. TRUTH?
2014: Trump said, “Putin even sent me a present. A beautiful present.” In a speech at the CPAC Conference.
2014: Trump also said, ”I was in Moscow recently. We spoke directly and indirectly with President Putin.” In a speech at The National Press Club event.
Trump hasn’t been bashful about promoting his special relationship with Russia.
2015: Trump said, “I like that Putin called me brilliant. I am not going to disavow that the guy called me brilliant!” in a campaign speech.

America is exhausted from Trump. We would like to believe him but he simply lies all the time. Even if the lies are just for his personal financial gain they are still lies. America’s problem is that this soldier for Putin has been elected to be the most powerful man in this country. He has already done damage to our environmental plans, foreign relations, ethics and just about anything you can think of. The definition of a Fascist is one who promotes a dictatorship and a political theory that is the direct opposite from a democracy. Is that what America will become with Trump at the helm?

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