Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Our Historic Independance

Today nationwide more than 16,000 fireworks displays will commemorate America’s 241st birthday. Even the New York Macy’s sponsored display will add 10,000 more sights to its celebration tonight. That brings it to 60,000 flashes of beauty in the sky. It is all an example of American pride. I feel sorry for Donald Trump and wish he knew just how special his job is. Maybe he would think twice before he says just about anything when you compare all the other notable men who had the honor of being President chose their words carefully and we remember a lot of their words fondly. This summer visit Washington and see for yourself some of the many statues that commemorate some of our greatest leaders in America.
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On July 2, 1864, 53 years ago, Congress approved the creation of a national statuary hall in the United States Capitol. Located in the original chamber of the House of Representatives, the hall welcomes two statues from each state. It is a tribute to patriotism. Today it is one of the Capitol’s most popular attractions. Everyone from Green Mountain Boy, Ethan Allan from Vermont who is known as a furniture store now was a Revolutionary War Hero who founded the state of Vermont, to Henry Clay known to be the greatest Senator in our countries history is there.
Other statues include President James Garfield who was assonated by a gun shot. Would be President William Jennings Bryan is there who was a Secretary of State and served under three Presidents as a leading Democrat.  Pioneers Brigham Young prepared the Book of Mormon and was a settler of the Western United States. Sam Houston was wounded in the War of 1812 and got the Texas city of Houston named after him. Inventors are honored with a statue there too. Thomas Edison and Robert Fulton of the steamboats on river travel is holding a steamship in his hand in the statue. There are over 100 other statues being moved to other locations in the Capitol. It is a place to honor our notable good statesmen. Donald Trump has a lot of homework to do to catch up to the honor these men gave to our country.
Frankly, no one really knows these statesmen anymore and does anyone really care? Trump didn’t even know when Frederick Douglass was born but said,  “He is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job, and is being recognized more and more, I notice.” Douglass died in 1895 and was a powerful voice against slavery. If Douglass was still alive he would be celebrating his 200th birthday next year. Does slavery still exist according to Trump? So, forget Trump for a second and forget history too. Dwell on the real meaning of celebrating the 4th of July. Shopping and all those sales going on today. Forget the beer and barbeque. Ok, don’t forget that but get out and buy more stuff that you really don’t need and have nowhere to keep. Be American and rent a storage unit for all your new junk because you are a good American and every five minutes advertisers everywhere tell you to buy more stuff.
Forget “In God We Trust” written on your money. People are worshiping all different Gods  anyway.  Americans believe more in shopping we trust and trust us, we go shopping. Trump is more knowledgeable about selling his stuff around the world than anything else. He is our leader now that we voted for. Our country is more divided than ever with this guy as our leader but it is more important this day to think of what brings all Americans together. We all shop and after we have filled our homes with all the junk we could buy, we rent storage units as a unified country! All Americans have three things in common. We love our country, we love our family and we love our storage units. As millions of you travel this weekend give tribute to all the storage units you pass on the highway as you travel across this great country!

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