Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Military Might

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This President makes key decisions a few sentences at a time in a Tweet. It is ok when he feels the need to complain about something a President shouldn’t even concern himself with but  a Tweet in a few sentences is no way to make key decisions when dealing with other dictators who feel the need to launch nuclear missiles all the time. Young Kim Stupid Arrogant Kid leader of North Korea needs to do his dick waving at America with now launching a missile that could reach Alaska. It is equally damaging that Trump instead of advising peace and reassuring Kim Dumb Fuck that we are no threat to his little Nazi horror show nation he is inflicting on his people, Trump tweets a few sentences that is a threat and wants to drag China into this stupid dick waving potentially very lethal and harmful acts by both leaders. This is why we need women to be world leaders, women don’t have any dicks to wave. Women are nurturing, caring people and represent the preservation of the earth hence, mother earth!
We couldn’t even enjoy our 4th of July festivities yesterday because we learned that North Korea launched the longest missile ever, an inter-continental missile that could potentially reach the United States. This is President Trump’s greatest foreign policy test to date and he has failed this test already. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson strongly condemned the launch and called for global action to stop the threat. HOW? All our other Secretary of States like Hillary and  Carey were in the trenches all over the world seeking peace and dialogue with other world leaders on behalf of this country. Tillerson says one sentence from Washington and basically askes for World War III. Our government is full of mental cases. Then the topping on the shit pile that Tillerson drops is Trump’s Tweet that simply says, “North Korea has just launched another missile. Does this guy have anything better to do with his life?” Does saying this nonsense calm down Kim Crazy Nut down or incite the kid to even more anger? Should any President of the United States say stuff like this?  Kennedy never said outrageous stuff like this during the Cuban Missile Crisis that was equally as threatening on this country 50 years ago.
The missile only traveled 600 miles because it was launched at an extremely high angle. It flew for 37 minutes and landed near Japan. Had it been launched at a standard projector it would have been capable to land in Alaska.  The possible range is 4,000 miles that is possible to reach Alaska. Back in January when Kim Jung Un announced that he was soon going to launch a ICM, Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile, Trump crudely Tweeted on January 2, 2017, “ North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a neuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the U.S. It won’t happen!” Was that a threat? In 7 months all Trump did was play golf and go to re-election events. Did he get in contact with North Korea? NO Did he consult the 16 branches of our military and security to figure out how to resolve this issue? NO Has he ordered any diplomatic conversation to resolve the issue? NO  So, now here we are with a deadly missile at our back door!
Instead of idle threats that Trump spits out in two sentence tweets the Chinese Foreign Ministry has a more sensible approach to the impending doom. They said, “ Bring things back to the track of peaceful settlement via dialogue.” Only bullies wave their big and yet bigger sticks at each other. Trump tweeted, “Perhaps China will put a heavy move on North Korea and end this nonsense once and for all!” Trump sounds like a cheap mobster ordering China to put a hit on Korea. Such Arrogance! Trump is an embarrassment! China has disciplined North Korea in at least a more peaceful way. China has already stopped buying coal from North Korea and cut its oil and diesel exports to Korea. If North Korea feels like it has to defend themselves from Trump’s threats, they will show their force.  Now Kim Just Come At Me has poked at Trump and is daring him to chase him down in the good old bullying schoolyard full of arrogant harmful dictators.

Tweeting out a foreign policy is stupid and acting alone is reckless on Trump’s part. At least get Tillerson out of Washington off to the United Nations to discuss how to reassure North Korea that they need not fear and need not to have such a large military presence scaring all humanity!

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