Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Apprentice Reality TV Show goes to Washington

The White House has become just another season of Trump’s reality show where he fires someone every week from their job. He has fired more people than any recent President. He has fired people who had jobs there for decades. Many voters only voted for him because he was well known on his TV show called The Apprentice. Even then he sat in the largest chair in the room surrounded by his kids criticizing   people and firing them. Most people don’t mind fresh faces in any job but this bully is taking over the entire school yard and only allowing those who wouldn’t dare to criticize him like any Dictator does. The problem with that mentality is that this is America where we welcome many points of view.
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This dangerous ego-maniac is playing with too many lives. Even his ever so faithful Kelly Ann Conway hasn’t been seen lately. He just fired his ever so faithful FBI Director James Comey who only spoke out about Hillary’s e-mails and never got to testify about all the mounting evidence into Russian influence in our election. Is there anyone in our government who can stop the carnage of firings by Trump simply for his own self- preservation and not for any reason involving the real needs of our country? Comey’s departure can impact the investigation and Trump knows it. Trump plays a chess game by making up all his own rules and if anyone gets too close to his kingship he just throws them off the chess board. Well, the American people are not just pawns and he shouldn’t be able to simply toss people away for no good reason other than his paranoia.
James Comey was leading the investigation into whether associates of Mr. Trump aligned with the Russian Government to influence the American Presidential Election. That job puts Comey in a middle-man position. His boss the Attorney General in the Department of Justice was hired by Trump. Jeff Sessions is also suspect in his relations with the Russians. So, how can you investigate, find crooked dealings and have to report it to the very people who are accessories to the crimes? And then they have the power to fire you and they do? Our American government is a joke full of self-serving corruption. The majority Republican Congress has an agenda to erase everything that Obama touched from history at all cost as seen in their approval of a new inferior health care bill.
The White House has even fired its Chief Usher, Angela Reid. The person who simply opens the door and usher’s people into the place they wish to visit. Other duties is to “provide guidance on the furnishings, art and décor.” Maybe she got fired for suggesting that Trump shouldn’t put gold color in every room. She was the first female White House chief usher. There is video where she faithfully ushered out the press when he simply decided not to answer their pertinent questions. She was only the ninth chief usher since 1885. She is a black woman. Did Trump fire her due to racism, he seems to always surround himself with old white guys. One   historian Douglas Brinkley has suggested that “The Trump Administration seems worried about Obama’s spies…” What spies and for what reason? Obama is having the time of his life vacationing and going back to his love of public speaking on social issues. Obama’s days are been there done that. Trump even drove Comey crazy investigating his false accusations of wire-tapping his Trump Tower. Trump needs psychiatric help. Police Officers need to go under psychological testing before they get their job, why not a sick delusional President?
Comey was also appointed by President Obama and had about another six years to go on a ten year appointment. Trump allowed him to investigate Hillary and was disappointed that Comey did not prosecute Hillary for any wrongdoing. If she didn’t do anything wrong then how can she be  prosecuted  for something? Trump fired Comey because it was time to investigate and prosecute Trump!
Less than a month ago Trump said he had complete confidence in the FBI Directors decisions. Now he is fired. James Comey is only the second Director to be fired from the FBI. Representative Ron White of Oregon said in reaction to the firing news,”no one in Trump’s chain of command can be trusted to carry out an impartial investigation.”

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