Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Power Hungry Putin

It is no longer a conspiracy theory. Too many factors point in the direction to the quest for world domination by Russia’s Putin. He has already overtaken the Ukraine, is financing the dictator in Syria, financed Trump and gained influence in America and just tried the same antics of intervention to sway the election in France. He has been in power in Russia for no other reason than he has successfully eliminated all opposition in their elections. Opposition leaders in Russia have gone missing, been murdered and put in jail for demonstrations. Our own FBI director has been influenced by Putin since he failed to report his known facts of Russian intervention in our election process yet in just days before the election, he made a very public yet another investigation into Hillary’s e-mails that swayed voters. Even now the investigations are bogus since his boss is an appointee by Trump.
Related imageSomeone in France saved the election there by disclosing in just 4 minutes before there could be no more discussion on the subject that Russia was hacking and publishing lies about their opposition candidate. We will never know if that disclosure of facts saved the election but it was crucial to get the information out to the voting public. In America it is clear that Putin’s boy was elected and that our election was tainted by the holding back of information by the FBI. It is clear that Trump and his boys should be held up for treason and that Hillary did nothing wrong. Now the American people must suffer too as the people of the Ukraine and Syria are suffering from the leadership of bad power hungry Dictators.
Power hungry Putin tried to get his newest Dictator into power in France but failed. It is almost the same events that happened in our election except Putin was successful in our election and got his guy elected. The exact same Russian hackers that influenced our election was working hard to influence the election in France. The French Presidential e-mails were leaked on line. What was different in France is that they have a rule dating back more than half a century that imposes a 44 hour timeout ahead of the polls’ closure. Luckily with just 4 minutes to spare someone told the public of the intervention. In America, Russian intervention could have been exposed up to the day of voting and no one exposed the truth. Putin won in America.
It was revealed in France before the election that the candidate Marine Le Pen received a $2.6 million payment from Russia to be wired to her personal account. Why? And why did Trump receive millions of dollars of Russian money for overrated real estate deals? Putin pays lots of money for his loyalty. His candidate vowed to pull France out of the EU and NATO. She wanted to promote France First policies and not to cooperate with other European nations. Trump has been alienating our traditional allies too. His policy is Trump first and has brokered big personal business deals with China and the Dictator of the Philippians who has not been fair to his own people.  
She like Trump was totally anti-immigrant. The same Russian hackers who targeted Clinton attacked Franc’s candidate Macron. Luckily the more popular candidate with the French people, Macron won the election despite the Russian intervention.  The Russians knew that Macron was the popular candidate and in a last minute attempt to destroy him they hacked his world. The fake data consisted of “diverse documents such as e-mails, accounting documents and contracts” hacked from the personal and professional accounts of some of his staffers all printed on line. Hillary didn’t have the opportunity to respond to her hacking but Macron condemned the “massive” hacking attack as the documents were being leaked. His campaign said that genuine files were mixed up with fake ones in order to confuse people. Maybe Clinton’s failure to be elected should be blamed on her campaign staff to not be more vocal in her defense. It is too late now in America for the blame game. The damage here has been done.
The Russian hacking group is called APT28. They are a hacking group associated with Russian intelligence. Last year they went under the name of Fancy Bear, APT 28 and it was determined that they were the group that was responsible for hacking the Democratic National Committee last year. Our FBI knew this and said nothing. At least Frances equivalent FBI exposed the truth there before it was too late. Four minutes before the silence deadline before the French election now President of France a statement from Emmanuel Macron on the Hacking Attack was released to the public. “EN MARCHE! Was the victim of a massive and coordinated piracy action this evening causing the dissemination of internal information of various kinds (e-mails, accounting documents, contracts…) on the social networks…” If Hillary was advised or knew this and published a similar statement, she probably   would have been our President now.
In just 4 minutes he was able to save his EN MARCHE! Campaign. Congratulations France for making truth and honesty prevail in your country.

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