Monday, May 15, 2017

Dump Trump!

Now that we are seeing Trump’s true colors more clearly, there is a majority of Americans who wish to Dump Trump. Our American values are being compromised daily with the uncontrolled leadership of this man. Issues from immigration, healthcare, education, the arts and science are being compromised and the entire view points and beliefs will be changed for the worse. If someone doesn’t agree with him he simply hires someone who pledges loyalty to him in his decision making process. When America wanted to know why our FBI Director, Comey was instantly fired, the initial reason from our Vice President, Mike Pence was that it was under the advice of the new Deputy U.S. Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein who was appointed for his job just two weeks ago.
Dictators are popping up all over the world changing the entire landscape of countries. Russia has taken over the Ukraine and funds the Syrian Dictator’s war. Both places, and including the Russian people are suffering from lack of services or the country is completely destroyed for political reasons. The Dictator of the Philippian   people kills in the streets just for suspicion of violations of his strict religious rules. The ISIS leaders are taking over Afghanistan in its continuous war providing decades of unrest for its people. Africa is full of Dictators running whatever lands they can control raping women and taking anything they want while the people of Africa are starving and or dying of disease. Venezuela used to be a beautiful place and now people are fleeing that country because the Dictator there is also starving them and they have no medicine.
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It is sad for the world when the “leader of the free world”, America joins the group of self-serving rich Dictators at the expense of justice, healthcare and the general well-being of the people they rule. People don’t become refugees and flee countries for the fun of it. It is because they have to flee unimaginable persecution from the evil powerful leaders. Trump has surrounded himself with loyal Republicans who still haven’t responded to his outrageous accusations and deeds. He has chosen people in all aspects of our government and Supreme Court to do it his way or you are out. Our only hope for saving America and our values is to somehow get him out of the job. Trump is already organizing re-election events.
Watching our country and many parts of the world unraveling is a frustrating and sad feeling. Venezuela is fighting the anti-dictator protestors daily too. Violent clashes have become the norm there. Many Venezuelans have been fleeing the country into neighboring Columbia. In the 1980’s Columbia was the illegal drug capitol of the world. Now it is a safe haven away from Dictators. In Cucuta, Columbia refugees are storming the border. Tens of thousands of people from Venezuela cross the border every day. Sometimes they cross the border just to buy food and medical care that is scarce in Venezuela now. Many people are crossing with suitcases ready to stay and live in the mountains in homemade shacks if they have run out of money and can’t afford housing or get jobs. The quality of life has diminished greatly but they are happy just to be able to get food and be free of persecution.

Columbia is feeling the pressure from so many people there now and like Europe are beginning to hate the refugees. Is this the path Trump wants Americans to follow? We already protest daily and he is already making approved plans to cut us from medical care and freedoms. Will we get increasingly violent to get him the message that we do not like how he is leading this country? Is justice being compromised beyond belief here too? Every day a new frightening event emerges from decisions made in our White House, our Congress, our Supreme Court and now our Justice Department. Should we start packing our bags too or will we Dump Trump!

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