Saturday, May 13, 2017

Disclosure and Investigation

Disclosure and investigation are two words that Donald Trump feels could never apply to him.  He has fired anyone who dares to mention Russia and his relationship with Putin. For years he demanded full disclosure wanting proof of Obama’s very existence. According to him, Obama’s birth certificate needed to be published everywhere or our nation couldn’t function. Donald was shouting from the mountain tops demanding disclosure and investigation even now about fake Obama issues. Obama showed the world that he is an American and an investigation proved that Obama did not wiretap Trump’s home. Now Trump is shouting about Comey recording conversations Trump had. Must we waste tax payer dollars investigating that too? Much time and money was wasted in asking for disclosure and an investigation into Hillary’s e-mails that has proved to not be a problem.
There is a double standard when it applies to disclosure and investigation of Trump. Why won’t he reveal his tax returns? Knowing how and where he earned his income from would immediately clear up many questions the American people have. Instead he ignores that question and throws out the press whenever they mention Tax returns. Trump fires anyone who has an investigation about his Russian ties even if you are the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. His reason for the firing is simply, he wasn’t doing a good job. ”
The FBI has multiple inquires in progress. Will they just disappear with Comey’s firing? The House investigation seems to have disappeared. Why should Trump be at war with our FBI? He could clear up his innocence with full disclosure and an in-depth investigation and then this nation could go forward with issues to help the American people at large! We could care less about his bromance with other male Dictators until his dealings effect our money and influence. Questions being asked by FBI investigators include, “…there is the business side: Was there money laundering going on? Money from these Russian plutocrats that’s been washed through Trump’s real estate and businesses? That’s gotten overlooked, but Preet Bharara and the Southern District were supposedly looking into that.” Preet Bharara was one of 46 United States Attorneys who were suddenly and without notice fired by Trump in March. Obama never fired anyone for disclosure or an investigation into him.
What was notable about Preet Bharara getting fired in particular was that his jurisdiction in the Southern District of New York not only included the headquarters of the Trump organization but he was the prosecuting Attorney put in charge of investigating money laundering cases since so many banks are headquartered in Manhattan.  Trump has a history of firing anyone that gets too close to him. Included in Trump’s many lies is the fact that he mentioned that Preet Bharara would be able to keep his job if he became President. That all changed when Trump found out that the investigations were about his bank accounts. Then 47 heads rolled and lost their jobs. There still has not been any reason from the White House as to why the President changed his mind on that issue. Was Preet just “not doing a good job” too?
 How can ongoing demand for disclosure and the investigations be protected? American tax payers are supposedly getting answers from ongoing investigations from Congress, the FBI, money laundering investigations happening from the Treasury Department, and the Federal Prosecutors Office. Should Trump be able to pressure these investigations with people “recusing” themselves and instant firings?
We need to preserve the integrity of our Constitutional laws and the reputation of America. Trump is trapping himself as he hides under his new job and the self-imposed veil of secrets. Donald needs to display some integrity by freely disclosing and allowing investigations to continue and end with answers. What is he afraid of? What does he have to hide?

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