Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Ridiculous Recuse

Could everyone in our government be corrupt? The investigation of Russian medaling in our election process and government is inadequate and progressing at a snail’s pace. How stupid do our Congressional leaders think the American people are? Wouldn’t it be nice if we got caught doing something wrong to be able to simply “recuse” ourselves from the matter and just walk away? When the investigative committees finally get together they do little or nothing. When an idiot “recuses” himself they just appoint another idiot in his place who is on the same side as the accused! Such conflict of interests could never reveal anything or change anything. Americans are being duped and our leaders are all Putin’s bitches!
We already have evidence that key players were involved in Russian involvement into getting their boy Trump elected. The election was a farce but no one is doing anything to get the   incompetent bum out of the White House. The National Security Advisor hired by Trump, Michael Flynn who got fired from his position after only 24 days in his position, two weeks later got a $600,000 lobbying job as a foreign agent. Where is the punishment here for the non- disclosure and lies he said about his ties to the Russian government? He gets rewarded with a half million dollar pay day. His new lobbying job is for Turkey and involves business deals with Russia!
Dmitri “David” Zaikin is the guy that gave Flynn the job and he is a Soviet-born former executive in Russian energy and mining companies who has aviation financing deals negotiated with Putin according to court records.  Flynn should be in jail for treason and not to be allowed involvement   even more in Russian dealings and influence around the world. Where is Flynn’s big $600,000 pay day money coming from?
What is going on with the House Intelligence Committee probe into Russian involvement into the election process?  The head of that investigation ”recused” himself and ran out of the White House after it was revealed that he was telling Trump the results of the damaging information found against the cheater President we have. Did the investigation just stop? This is worse than a bad soap opera!

The Senate Intelligence Committee seems to be lacking in manpower and expertise with their bogus investigation that has been going on for three months now with little or no progress. How long can our government just dupe the American people? They have ZERO staffers working on the investigation. They have made ZERO requests for documents. No major interviews have been made with anyone linked to Trump. Are all our law makers around the round table also being bribed?
As for the Department of Justice and FBI investigation, last week the Chief of the National Security Division is stepping down and now Trump gets to hire someone to replace that job. Wouldn’t you   love to hire the very people investigating you!  Why can’t the general public do these things when we have to go to court for something? It would be a win, win situation for you! Instead of doing a complete investigation, the Senate hired a new Deputy Attorney General to lead the investigations. This new guy is now at even a higher level because the Attorney General “recused” himself too for undisclosed ties to the Russian government. So, the new Deputy dog is Mr. Rosenstein hired by Trump.
The new Deputy dog will have the power to have his call and his call alone as the deciding factor in whatever they decide to do. Yes, Trump gets to hire the guy who decides what to do with him! HOW RIDUCELOUSELY STUPID! America has been duped at the highest levels of our government! We need to have a special counsel made up of judges to have a separate investigation into our own government dealings and prosecute all these bastards and not allow them to simply “recuse “   themselves from all the bad they have done! The three levels of investigations going on inside of our government is an unproductive   sham.

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