Friday, April 28, 2017

The One Page Tax Plan

The President disclosed his PAGE of bullet points and called it his tax plan for America. Did the red necks who voted for this guy know that he intended to give a 20% per cent tax CUT for the very rich? His “plan” does not even encompass a full page of information as to what he intends to do with the rest of hard working tax paying Americans funds. The page is as if it is a series of tweets that he just didn’t even send out. This “page” looks like a rushed attempt to beat the 100 day mark of his Presidency rather than a serious proposal to reform the tax code. His intentions are quite simple. Tax us all to create a wall and large military arsenal and let the rich have even more comforts of their wealth of which large amounts of the very rich made their fortunes by simply taking huge funds out of the companies they supervise and not share the wealth with their hard working employees.
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This “page” seems to indicate that everyone is in for some form of a break. Personal income taxes, corporate taxes, tax cuts for the rich and even for the death taxes. How is he going to get that nearly $15 trillions of dollar deficit that we owe to China down with this unexplained plan? At least while Monica Lewinsky was getting down on Bill Clinton while he was President he managed to have a balanced budget for America. Sigh! We needed the Clinton’s in Washington again to get back to work and get our national debt down again! Poor Hillary sigh!
Trump did not even indicate how he was going to implement his intentions or pay for it. We were happy that a new business man was going to lead us and had such hopes for a good change in our futures. A good tax plan for the country was his chance to finally shine for us instead he offers us just more confusion and disappointment. Trump has the lowest approval rating in the first 100  days in his Presidency of any President since the 1960’s. If you can’t shine and be loved as soon as you get the new job that you were voted to get, when can you shine?
I agree that we need reform since the current tax code is 70,000 pages long. Now we need IBM’s Watson super computer to figure out taxes for people. Trump’s page of plans seems to favor the most tax cuts for big corporations and their personal tax cuts. Is that going to create jobs? That is stretching the benefit to us little people workers in the scheme of things. Melania should be telling her Donald,” We need more esclaiming from you Lucy!” No typo error either!
If we can’t find some humor in all this we will be crying all the time. The President wants to replace the current seven tax brackets with only three; 10%, 25% and 35%. His one page proposal did not give income levels for those brackets so, WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN DONALD? WHO IS GOING TO PAY WHAT? Sorry now I need a drink!
The details disclosed was a proposal to submit to Congress that would eliminate Estate taxes and Alternative minimum taxes. He wants to keep personal deductions and charitable deductions. Rich people love to give to charity for the tax deductions. Just sayin’!
For businesses he wants to lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to a meager 15%.  Rich people own lots of corporations. Now I need something to smoke too. Is this going to help John Q. Public to survive better each working day? He hired big shots from corporate money like Steven Mnuchin who is  our United States Secretary of the Treasury.   Steven   was a banker and hedge fund manager who is worth about $500 million dollars to help him. Yeah!  Help him not to keep Americans afloat but to help him keep even more of Trump’s and his rich boy’s  money and not disclose his own tax returns to the public as every President has done in the past! Americans deserve to inspect their leaders tax returns simply to know how his tax plan will benefit his bottom income line. We need disclosure to know how much money he made from money laundering funds from the Russians.
The Non-Partisan Committee for Responsible Federal Budget does not believe this plan will help many people other than the very rich and corporate America. It will not help the ever so spiraling deficit in any kind of slowing down of spending. The drinks and sweet smoke has slowed me down though so that now I can take a nap from all this new news. The problem with all addictive substances is that when you wake up from it all the problems that make you take the stuff hasn’t gone away. America! Don’t take addictive substances. Be strong and maybe protest a bit more. Sigh! They can’t take our voices away too.


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