Monday, March 13, 2017

Trump's Trash Talk

There will be a major investigation by the House Intelligence Committee where the FBI Director should be testifying beginning on March 20 into Trumps involvement with the Russians that America has to deal with. America is already weary from this attention grabbing man. We are starting to ignore most of the hateful harmful things he tweets daily. He has already tweeted more times than Obama did in 8 years. Somebody hide the pens so he doesn’t sign any more not so well thought out Executive Orders, take his Twitter account away from him so he doesn’t make any more unproven statements as he did with Obama wire- tapping his property and shut the TV’s off so he can’t watch any more sensational commentary on red neck white supremacist cable shows. America needs to be safe from Trump.
It has been a while and Trump still has not provided any proof to his allegations that Obama wire-tapped his building.  Even high level Republicans can not support his statement. Paul Ryan the Republican leader doesn’t believe the wire-tapping allegations. The President said in his tweet that “he just found out” about the wire-tapping. From who? What source? Where did he actually find it? Meanwhile spokesmen from the White House stands ground on the Obama wiretap claim.  He wants Congress to fill in the blanks and start a major investigation. Well, today is the deadline date to present proof to Congress. It all doesn’t make any sense. Why would the President want Congress to start an investigation about information that he already has? Reveal what you “just found out” psycho!
Mr. Trump doesn’t even know the rules of the position he now holds. He fired advisors that have been in the White House since Nixon. They could have told him that no President has the authority to just say go wiretap any citizen. President Trump hasn’t even spoken to his FBI Director about them. Now he is switching the burden of proof on a Congressional committee that now has to investigate this. It has been almost two weeks ago when Trump made the allegation against Obama. Today is the deadline for Trump to submit the evidence of wiretapping to the House Intelligence Committee to support his serious claims. Speaker Ryan admitted that none of the top Republicans have seen any evidence.
Speaker Ryan could only defend Trump’s tweets accusing Obama of illegal wiretaps as “unconventional.” It is all so very serious when a current President accuses a former President of being a felon and then has no proof. The President now has one of two choices either to retract or provide the damming proof. Is he really looking to have our Black President put in handcuffs and charged with a felony? No one believes that these allegations are true and the current President could be clearing this all up in a minute if he would provide proof and not cause yet another investigation into what Trump says or does in only a few months in office. Trumps campaign manager Kelly Ann Conway simply thwarts the question of actual proof to simply say, ”There are many ways to surveil.”  

Americans do not need this nonsense. This Trump guy has yet to tell us how much TrumpCare will cost and who it will provide coverage to. We need to know the cost of the “wall” that now we have to pay for along with so many other unclear issues.  Somebody stop this nut in his tracks before he spews any more damage. 

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