Sunday, March 12, 2017

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It is time to start your vacation plans. Why not go to Orlando to Disney? I know for many of you it is been there and done that but even for you seasoned Disney fans there is something new in the Animal Kingdom part of the park. It is all about the fantasy planet of Avatar made famous in James Cameron’s films. Now seven years later Disney has recreated an up close a three dimensional version of the planet that you can experience in many ways. Avatar is the highest-grossing James Cameron movie worldwide taking in $2.7 billion dollars. Maybe that is why we need an entire section of Disney parks devoted to an alien planet.
The Avatar theme park is everything Pandora. You can float down the Navi River or fly on a virtual reality back of a Banchee and eat and drink strange looking glowing blue food just like an alien. When the film came out years ago there were people actually feeling acts of depression because they couldn’t really visit the fictional planet. Now those fans can get their dreams somewhat realized. Pandora is that other worldly planet in this fantasy story. The experience doesn’t open up to the public until May 27 so don’t buy the hundreds of dollars it takes to visit the place till then.
They have a replica of the 300 year old tree and the floating mountains through Disney’s talented architects. Pandora’s unusual rain forest is recreated complete with glowing plants at night. Between the profits from Titanic and James Cameron Avatar movies he is so wealthy that he never has to work again but he worked hard with Disney to make his fictional planet look as authentic as he wants it to be. The entire vibe of the Animal Kingdom is to enrich us and to make us really understand the gifts of nature and animals we have here in our very own paradise on earth. The wealth of wild animals to see in action is amazing there. They nestled the world of Pandora there to let people experience a perfect alien world.
Joe Rohde is the Walt Disney Imagineer who created the earthly Avatar experience. The Navi River Journey takes you through the fantasy foliage with its all so strange colors for a natural environment. You are invading their planet but you learn about their culture of kindness and preservation. Lessons we could learn and apply them to earth. The park is set generations after the film takes place when peace finally prevails. It is a great lesson for your kids to see rather than the nightly news that is all about murder, war and violence. The work is all in order here because the Navi care for their world. The environment message is all about caring for and not using their world for profit or greed. It is a socially conscience view that we could all use in our real world.
Nature used to take care of us now we dominate nature, use it and abuse it with over killing of our animals, polluting our water and killing the rain forests. This is a place where a completely different view of a planet is realized. If we have to teach our children about conservation through a fictional story and planet so be it. Hopefully the lessons learned through this unique park can be instilled in the minds of all to make our home better. Besides Disney knows to follow the money. Avatar is the highest grossing movie ever taking in worldwide $2,787,965,087 dollars. James just completed the script for movie number 5 so we know the story isn’t going to be done anytime soon.

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