Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trump Therapy

Can we hypnotize Trump and his spokes-people to not lie anymore? We know that modern day medical practitioners use hypnosis to help patients do everything from stop smoking to losing weight. Will it help to stop lip flapping nonsense? The professionals say that the purpose of hypnosis is to address the deeply seated conflicts between the conscience and the sub-conscience in a person so that they can get to the root of the problem.  Is Trump lying about the unsubstantiated claims of Obama wiretapping him because of his deep hate for Obama ever since he needed to see the man’s birth certificate?
Serious therapy or just a social trick, people are still divided on the value of hypnosis meanwhile the practice of hypnosis seems to have been available since forever. In fact it was on March 5, 1815   about 202 years ago that a German born doctor Franz Anton Mesmer died at age 80. He believed that he could harness a force he called animal magnetism. He would point to the sick and speak to them in a form he called Mesmerism. It was the beginning of modern hypnotism. There was a movie made about Mesmer in 1994 where Alan Rickman played Mesmer having power over people. The movie was called Mesmer. There were many movies that featured hypnosis since it is fascinating.
Bela Ligosi   portrayed hypnotism as a way to lure his thirst for blood in the 1931 film Dracula. Recently we have criminal dentists that use hypnosis on their patients to disrobe and have sex with them without their knowledge. The power over the mind and judgement is amazing. In 1962 they made a cold war drama movie called the Manchurian Candidate where it credited hypnotism with the powers over Communism. The communists were trying to hypnotize the American soldier prisoners. They said,” I am sure you have all heard the old wives tale that no hypnotized person could be forced to do what is repellent to his moral nature. Nonsense of course.”
We need to changes Trumps moral pussy grabbing nature. Even in the old popular 1960’s TV series   show   called Gilligan’s Island Doc wanted to hypnotize MaryAnn on the island in one episode.  It was all for laughs but by then they were using the swinging pocket watch to mesmerize people and waken them with the snap of the fingers. Weather it is serious therapy or just a fun trick, popular opinions remain divided on the use of hypnosis for anything. Usually people resort to hypnosis as a last try at anything to change one’s behavior for at least awhile.  It is time to use it on Trump and his lying posse of folks to come clean and stop jerking the American people around between what he promised during campaigning to bad impulsive Executive Order signing to not so well thought out policies on immigration and healthcare. We are not even talking about the growing numbers of thieves involved in money laundering of Russian funds and vote tampering. I say hypnotize all the bastards!


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