Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trump Slump

He can fire who he wants to in the White House but he cannot control the courts that are not agreeing with him. Another judge has just blocked Trumps newest Executive Order on Muslim travel from certain countries. Yes, the power of the Donald’s pen isn’t working too well for him. States are waking up and fighting back many of the things he wishes to change and put forth on the American people. Trump said in a Houston rally that he will take the issue to the Supreme Court if necessary. Two Federal judges blocked the travel ban and all is calm again for a while at least. How can different judges from different districts be all wrong? Is he going to call them fake judges?
You can’t be biased against a type of people under the guise of national security. It is a Muslim ban because Trump said it was, Rudy Giuliani said it was a Muslim ban and not a single person from any of these Muslim countries has killed any American on United States soil. Trump’s ban was blocked on religious grounds. It was scheduled to go into effect last night and it was thrown out of court. A Federal Judge in Hawaii put the new travel ban on hold. Remember Trump was just one week into his administration when he put the first ban into effect without consulting with anyone how the chaos would be managed.
The first version of the Muslim ban was also blocked in a series of Federal District courts and then ultimately was halted in the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Other than those first few days of chaos, the President’s ban never was really put into practice. For the second version they specifically removed any words referring to Muslims and they removed Iraq from the list of countries.  They also gave notice that it would go into effect shortly later. Even with these changes the Judge from Hawaii shot it down and said it was still basically the same thing as the last time. The Judges words said” that the Executive Order was issued with a purpose to disfavor a particular religion.”
That intent is totally against our Constitution. The ruling quoted various quotes that Trump said that were anti Muslim in nature. The judge also,   ”questioned the evidence supporting the Government’s national security motivations” in the temporary restraining order. So, for now again there is no Muslim ban in effect nationwide. More states are rising to the occasion and have pending lawsuits on this matter in the works. A trial court would not be able to overturn Judge Watson’s decision. Trump would have to take the issue to the Court of Appeals. This is now the 4th time that the Trump Administration has lost the Muslim ban argument.
In the past if you were the President and you wanted to implement something in the interest of national security, it got past and the nation was grateful. Trump has lost 4 times in just 50 days. There have   only been a handful of Presidents in our entire nation’s history that have has anything they wanted in the interest of national security refused. Add this to Trumps disastrous Presidential legacy!

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