Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Troubled Trump

The latest bile Troubled Trump threw up were more unsubstantiated claims now against Obama. Over the weekend at 6:30 in the morning he tweeted that Obama wire-tapped his Trump Tower. Why are we surprised at yet more allegations thrown from his alphabet cereal? Trump got elected because he always threw out some outrageous comments during the campaign that either we laughed at or was horrified   or both if that is at all possible.   The problem now is that it is not funny and certainly not acceptable from the President of the United States. He got away with a lot of nonsense when he was just a rich bloated reality TV star but now as our Commander-In –Chief, we are trained to respect and honor every word from our leader. Not anymore!
Even if he cannot contain himself, he should have advisors that can at least make the man seem more Presidential as his speech writers did when he spoke to Congress. He is the prime example of how social media can be very dangerous in the hands of the stupid. Things can be posted without giving the statements much thought and can be hurtful. The problem is when the President tweets like a 12 year old boy, our nation is in trouble and he is simply showing the world how ignorant he is or yet again how pompous he is. Both are not good traits and should not be in charge of our nuclear codes.
The saddest part in all this is that the man has all the information and help at his fingertips 24/7 if he would only choose to verify the validity of whatever nonsense that pops into his head also at any given time.  Wiretaps have been done before in our history but it is not just a random thing to do. Any President can   not   just order a wiretapping of anyone at will. There are legal safeguards in place and there must be a paper trail. Wire taps must go through the Justice Department and not the Office of the President. Typically then they would take it to a private court. The FISA Court is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that would hear the claim.
A judge would have to also sign off on the order for wire taps in the court.  It would be impossible for Obama to simply order the wire taps. So, Trump is accusing Obama of doing something illegal. So legal or illegal, where is the evidence of the wire taps? This is not a poker game Trump. You can not bluff stuff any longer. What we do know is that his closest advisors are nuts on the internet that spew anything they please for sensationalism. It is theater but to Trump it is his version of real news. Trumps source for the wiretapping idea came from the vomit of Breitbart News   reports last Thursday by a host there Mark Levin.   

Mark Levin said, “Barack Obama and his surrogates who were supporting Hillary Clinton and their party, the Democrat party, who were using the instrumentalities of the federal government, intelligence activities to surveil members of the Trump campaign.” Ok Mark show Trump the evidence and show the American people that there are no more lies being circulated![[

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